Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I'm Thankful For This Thanksgiving...

* Fall Leaves (not here of course, but somewhere in the world!) :)
* That Starbucks is ready for Christmas!
* My babies: Linus, Lucy, Woodstock, Sally & Pooka
* So far I've survived on my own!
* My amazing, handsome, loving, and God-fearing fiance and gift from God, Steven!
* My donors in YL
* My YL kids that have fallen in love with Jesus
* My job and ministry
* Amazing weather today
* I survived my 40 day fast and learned SO MUCH with Jesus!
* Christmas is coming!
* My health, safety, protection & provision
* That Jesus is my all!
* What I'm learning in my counseling classes
* I'm about to get married
* My friends & family
* The Food Network
* Simplicity of children
* Freedom
* In every way...JESUS!
* Jarrad and Crystal
* Christians rising up and living for Jesus!
* Ways I have been taught, healed and grown
* All pumpkin flavors

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Rejoice in the Lord, always! And enjoy some good food! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A good day...

It's nice when you just have a good day and didnt think it would be one. I live on the 3rd floor of my apt complex so when it thunderstorms, you can surely hear it. Well last night it was a doozie! I got no sleep. My electricity kept going on and off, therefore setting off my alarm and it truly sounded as if there was a hurricane out there. My dogs were shaking in terror. It wasnt pleasant. Then i had to leave early to drop linus and lucy off at the vet, which i was a bit frightened about. They were only getting their teeth cleaned, but they have to "put them
Under," and that isnt 100% safe for this dog mommy. After a rough night and a fearful attitude, I thought, this is just gonne be an awful day. But i was wrong. After dropping my babies off and saying a prayer, i headed to do my civic duty and go vote. I was told to vote at the high school that i attended. As i was walking up to the door, thats when my day turned around! I smelt it...the heavenly aroma of my teen years...fresh, hot, fattening, huge, cheese rolls that I partook of daily and they are still serving today! Yum! I smiled. Too bad i cant still eat like that! :) Instantly and unecpectedly my heart was full of praise and i just started thanking God for all of my many blessings as i voted. Then i went home to a quiet house to have my qt and do some yl work. Dont get me wrong, i missed my babies and love them, but they are obnoxious yappers. The others aremt. So i had some peace and quiet. Not to mention, that storm that had kept me up had just blown in a cool front so i was thrilled! Isnt that just like Jesus? from ashes! I then got news from our banquet last was a success! Praise Jesus again! In the storm, out of the storm, & for memories of giant cheese rolls! :) Now i am writing after picking my dogs up from a successful teeth cleaning and training a new group of yl leaders. Tonight was their lastnight and they were commissioned to go out. They are a great group. It was beautiful! So many things my heart is thankful for tonight! But i will end with this one...THE RED, CHRISTMAS CUPS & CHRISTMAS FLAVORS ARE OUT AT STARBUCKS!!!! Oh my...I cant take much more! Im in heaven, yall! I enter your courts with praise, Father! :)
Written from my iphone so please excuse any grammatical/spelling errors!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Halloween

I started off the day yesterday like i do everyday, walking my dogs when we all first wake up. And lo and behold I discovered the most glorious sight ever...tons of hot air balloons were launching right behind my apartment complex and flying directly over my house. So cool! After admiring that a bit, I began getting ready to head to the zoo with Steven. We were seeing about possibly having our wedding reception there but that was a no go. :( Too bad b/c it would have been beautiful! And also one of my favorite places ever! :) However, we found another awesome place and we got a free trip out of the zoo from it and that was fun! It was a pretty day and the animals were just a showing off for us! Afterwards, we found a hotel for our honeymoon night, did church, and then just relaxed for a bit. Later that night we went to my parent's house (where everyone was dressed up) and celebrated with all of the kids and tons of food! It was a good day! Steven and I were dressed as honeymooners in Hawaii! :) Last week I was batman (taken from our YL skit closet) :) for our YL Halloween club and one of my YL kids was me...ha. It was fun! I also dressed up as a fireman for Steven the night that we carved pumpkins. What can I say...I don't necessary like Halloween, but I love fall and all it has to offer! :) Sorry so scattered (but that is me!) :) Enjoy the pics! I'm off to our YL annual Banquet tonight! Pray it goes amazing please!