Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Bird

This morning I had a little extra time before i had to be at work so I decided to enjoy a cup of coffee on my porch with my puppy Linus. As I was watching him play, and watching my backyard Blue jay chase the cardinal away from the feeders, a fuzzy rock caught my eye (or so I thought.) I was tempted ot go check it out when Linus headed over there to do it for me. Slowly he inched his way towards this "fuzzy rock" when all of the sudden he was finally sniffing it and this rock jumped! I made my way over to see what it was and it was a baby sparrow that was trying to fly from it's nest but was not quite able to just yet. He had fallen and oculdn't get up! I inspected him to make sure all was well and he seemed fine. After nearly squeezing him to death, out of sheer excitement that I was holding a wild baby bird, I gently placed him ontop of our trampoline and then watched him fly from there and right into the fence. He was Ok htough. He just decided to chill there for awhile. I walked away with a smile in my heart. I remembered where God told us in Matthew 6 that He takes care of the birds of the air so He will take even more care of us. Wow! So today, know you are loved! And take some time to just sit with Jesus! And I also encourage you to study John 15 and get back with me. Good stuff! So long.... :)