Thursday, July 22, 2010

Update :)

Well, it's been one busy, crazy summer, but I thought that I'd grab a quick moment to update you on my life via picks. So far, I have settled into my new apartment; kept busy at the YL office with my 2, awesome, college interns; enjoyed fourth of July with family and Steven; witnessed my family participate in their first sprint tri and I was so proud of them; taught a girls bible study to amazing, college aged, YL leaders in our area; trained some new YL leaders; spent time with YL kids; braved the heat in my broken AC car; and most recently...enjoyed a week away in beautiful Colorado with my awesome YL kids...all the while my amazing Steven stayed at my place watching my sweet babies for me! I leave again soon for another trip to Colorado with YL kids...back packing in the mountains! I will write as soon as I settle. Pray for us please and enjoy some pics and this hot summer! :)