Monday, April 25, 2016

It is time

I need and want to get back to blogging. I love it. My life is just short on time now. Since my last post I had yet another baby! :) His name is David Jax and he was born on 8/7/2015, weighing in at biggest baby yet! He is such pure JOY! The girls love him...especially Lillie! He is 8 months old currently and is always smiling, crawling everywhere, saying Mama and Dada, pulling himself up, into everything and a little cuddle bug! These pictures are entirely out of order but at least I got them on here and they are a brief catch up on our lives! Since i last wrote...
-Steven finished his clinincals and is now a paramedic! He was a full time firefighter/EMT until February of this year and then went down to part time and is now full time at the church we attend. Right after I had Lillie we joined a new and local church plant called, Antioch and we love it! This past year they offered Steven the job as full time college pastor and we felt God say yes! Its a great job and much better for our family time! Steven still also has a passion for acts of mercy/the health field and will still pursue that in some way. But he and I both have a deep heart for ministry so serve currently at our church. We love our new community and thank God for them! I serve our church through the college ministry as well but also through listening prayer ministry with them. We just celebrated our five year Anniversary in March!
-Lillie turned 3 (at Disneyworld) and then 4 (Alice in Wonderland themed tea party at a park bday party!) She has taken swim lessons and can swim pretty good. She is also in ballet and tap and loves to dance! She starts 2 days a week pre-kindergarten this coming fall and is so excited for her 1st school (I stay home with the littles.) Lillie loves to watch cartoons and movies still; loves to learn; loves to go places...anywhere; is a servant, a great and loving big sister; caring; outgoing in a crowd and no stranger isn't a friend (but quieter at home) and prophetic.
-Jubilee turned 1 and then 2! She is shy in a crowd but the most loud and rowdy at home! She never sits still, is very compassionate, a prayer warrior already, loves to play with babies and read books, follows her big sister around, and loves to eat. Her name defines her perfectly! She is a force of life and joy!
-And as I said earlier, David joined our lives 8 months ago and we are all in love with this little gift of life!

That's all I got time for for now but I at least somewhat caught up! Will write more when time allows...if anyone even still reads this...haha. Peace and Joy to you all!