Sunday, August 29, 2010

A LOT to catch up on...

Ok, it's been awhile and there is a lot to catch up on, so I'm just gonna go in brief order. First things first, as previously stated, my summer has been CRAZY!!! There has been some great you will see in all the pictures at the end of this post! :) For example...

Since moving, I am able to entertain YL folk a lot more and I love it! We've had some fun girl times!

Wilderness was AMAZING, as usual! Seriously, I am in love with my whole group! That place is the reality of Jesus and the few pics could not describe the Majesty, beauty, and sweet richness in community! Praise Jesus!

However, for over 2 weeks after Wilderness I had no car and I have no internet so I was trapped (hence no post.) It was very confining! Therefore I ran a lot and sweated to death (all the while my apartment ac went out 2 more times...ha.) My car just kept going down hill and then my mechanic broke my engine (no lie!) But after a chain of miraculous events, I finally got a new car! It's not my dream car by any means, doesn't really "suit" me, and I really miss my xterra, but it's new, reliable, was a great deal and starting to grow on me! :) Another praise!

My neices and nephew continue to make me fall more and more in love with them! Joshua is now in 5th grade and in football again currently. Grace is now in 4th grade and turning into a beautiful, young lady. And Abi has now started kindergarten and gymnastics and is hillarious!

My man, Steven just graduated from college and is now right back in school training to be a fire fighter. I am proud!

But what's most exciting....

I JUST GOT ENGAGED LAST NIGHT...FINALLY!!!!!! YAY!!!!! :) Praise, praise, praise Jesus! I love you, Steven! And I love my ring! Can't wait to marry you!

Wedding probably in March. I will keep you posted. Gotta head to a baby shower now. Check out the pics! Sorry all so jumbled. Miss you! Jesus and I love you! :)