Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Also, please pray for me as I attempt to raise a lot of money to go on a missions trip with my churh to Africa, and as I attempt to go on staff finally with Young Life. I am so ready to leave my dad's as a dental asst. Sadly, we do not have the best relationship and I do not exercise any of my gifts there. I hate that job to be quite frank! I feel God moving me forward with the Africa trip right now and it's scary but I am so ready to go there!!!! We will see.....

A New Treat

Horizon organic, low-fat, 1%, chocolate milk! A little bit of heaven as I attempt and lose some weight and start treating my body like the temple of God that it is! And on a side note, my Breaking Free bible Study ended last night and I am, sad, but ready to walk out in the truths that I learned. Help me, sweet Jesus! Lord knows I need it!