Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Isaiah 61!

Words cannot describe what God did in my heart while over in Zambia, Africa! I am blessed! :) I have been home only 2 days now and I can't get Africa out of my mind. I miss it! It is bittersweet being home. It is overwhelming! We have so much stuff here, and we are so busy! We are in fact, too "full" to allow God to move. Perhaps that is what I noticed while in Africa. Satan does work heavily over there, but they have room for God to work even Mightier! And Satan is here too...our strongholds are just different and the difference is...we don't allow God to work His miracles here. It is disheartening! I miss my sweet orphan girls...I had a group of 16 of them! Our theme for them was Psalm 23! May it still be bleeding in their hearts I pray! Well, my dream came true and I finally got to go to Africa...after longing for it for over 18 years! Praise the Lord! It was all that I dreamed it would be and more! God is good! Now I must transition as I head on Saturday to take my Young Life kids to camp in Colorado. Different struggles but the same enemy and most importantly...the same God! May these kids make room for Him as my Africans did! I will write more later. My heart is still processing...

Last set of some pics from the falls

pics from Victoria Falls

last set of a few more pics

more pics of my sweet orphans...

Home from Zambia, Africa!