Thursday, July 31, 2008

I love Africa!

The other night my sweet friend from church, Jovin, invited myself and 2 other friends from church (Julie and Eposi) over for an authentic, homemade, west african meal. It was fabulous! Jovin is from Ghana and Eposi is from Cameroon. We had such a sweet time of fellowship together so I just had to post a pic. I miss Africa! :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Be careful what you pray for

So after childhood diminishes and all the fun generational strongholds set in, I learned how not to cry. Stuff down the feelings, laugh them away, build a wall, be know. I have struggled with being kinda non-emotional for awhile now, and yet that is not how God created me to be. So my prayer has been for God to break down my walls, and allow me to feel again. Well, as one of my older posts, against all odds stated....all my life I have felt like the "underdog." Well, as my previous post stated, my niece, Abi spent the night with me last-night. We had so much fun! We swam, ate dinner, did puzzles, and then watched the movie, Racing Stripes. That movie was like another Rocky movie to me. Against all odds, the underdog, Stripes the zebra, wins! Well I found myself crying at the end. "Come on, Jesus...are you for real?" "Well, yes, I am child. I'm giving you what you asked for...and something that you clearly needed." "Ok. You're right. Thank you!" So there you have it. I cried when Stripes won the race! Ha! :) But I am actually happy! My walls are coming tumbling down! Let it be so, Lord! And I will praise my way through! Ok, I'm off to go make Abi some waffles (whole grain only of course :))and then drop her off at home. I will end with Abi sending you a little greeting...Abi wanted me to write, "Linus" on here. Her and linus love each other! :) Bye!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lessons from a child

So I have the priveledge of getting to baby-sit my 3 year old niece, Abigail all day today and night. We have already had quite a fun day (in fact she missed her nap and so now she is resting and watching a movie while I type.) I have learned so much from this little one in just one day! We started off at Pets Mart, checking out all the animals while I had to pick Linus up some more dog food. Then we scooted to Starbucks so fun aunt CC (that's me) could get her some coffee so I could remain fun! :) It was there that we got the coolest little 3D bug puzzle and had so much fun putting it together. We then met my good friend, Aimee for lunch where I got my usual mushroom and spinach turkey burger and spring salad on the side. Abi got the mac and cheese. She loves cheese. After wards is where the lessons began. We went to the mall and right in them middle of Sephora (Aunt CC needed to restock on her philosophy and way more than I needed b/c I love that store.) Anyways, right in the middle of the store, Abi climbed out of her stroller, got down on her knees, grabbed my hand, and asked if "she could have this dance." It was too precious! So of course I began to dance with her. I was Prince Charming and she was the Princess. She floated and twirled about in her little dress and it was beautiful. What an image of what Jesus does with us. We are born, as little girls, with an ornate desire to be led on the dance floor by our Prince and twirl all about and let him notice just how beautiful we are! Our little dance attracted another little girl in there who asked me to watch as she twirled for me. My point proven! :) After CC got her fill we headed to the Baby Gap where I promised Abi that I would buy her something new. She picked out quite a few darling outfits, but fun aunt CC is not rich aunt CC so we settled on a cute little bathing suit that was on the sales rack. We tried it on, under her dress of course, right there and she ran around the store in it. I looked at my friend Aimee and said, if only we were that confident! I wish! I could just see me running through Target (my favorite) in a bathing suit so I could show the world! Ha! Anyways, we bought it, along with some fun shorts to match, and then proceeded to the cookie stand where Abi got herself a huge sugar cookie loaded in icing. We parted ways with Aimee, then walked with it to the car and then I gave it to her after I strapped her in her car seat. I watched her take maybe 3 small bites and then she had had enough. She liked it but you know what she wanted to do instead...get her praise on! Her favorite song, "Blessed be the Name of the Lord," by Matt Redman was on the radio and she wanted to praise Jesus. She gave me her cookie and sang at the top of her lungs! I thought, why don't I give up stuff just so I can praise Him? Like one of my favorite songs says, "Move...and let me praise Him!" I would have surely had to finish my cookie first. Maybe that's why little ones can eat cookies everyday. B/c they don't look to the cookies to fill them. Well, I listened to her praise and it was so sweet to my ears...and Jesus' to I presume. We are now home watching the old but great movie, Born Free together. It makes me miss Africa! So true that "unless you change and become like little children, you will not inherit the Kingdom of God!" :) Girl friends, take some time today to twirl for Jesus! Your Prince is waiting for His Princess! I'm off to play with Abi now...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My 7 year old niece, Grace, likes to write and recently wrote a poem for me. I just had to post it! :)

"Jonah and the whale. David and Goliath. Jesus and God. And Grace and CC (me, Corrie.) No-one will make me not sing to you. I like God and Jesus. And CC loves You. I know she does. She dances in the meadow. O, CC and Grace love You."

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Against all odds...

I was running to my usual Rocky Balboa soundtrack today when a line in there (that he says during the Gonna Fly Now/John X Remix song) hit me..."It ain't about how hard you're hit, it's about how hard you can get much you can take and keep moving forward... that's how winning is done!" I kept repeating it over and over and not only did it make me run harder (yay!) :) but I also had an epiphany from in my life has ever really believed in me. No, I don't want you to feel sorry for me by that statement, but it is true and something I had to realize. I wasn't encouraged much. In fact, more than anything I have had a fear of failure instilled in me. So I haven't done too much of anything, and when I did, I had no support. I carried that with me for so long that I began to feel "stuck" in life. And the cloud over me seemed to follow me wherever I went. I rarely came in contact with many people who believed "that I could do it." All that was until recently. I wanted to go to Africa and the naysayers in my life were trying to discourage me not too. I didn't have what it took, they said. But a small handful of women from my church (whom I pray with), believed in me. So I took the scary step of faith forward, decide to listen to God instead, pushed my past behind me and did it. God opened all the doors and I just returned from Africa a few weeks ago and my life was changed. Praise the Lord! I'm so happy that I chose to ignore the naysayers this time! And then my next door opened. I was asked to go on Young Life staff and felt the time was right. Again the naysayers don't believe that I can do it, nor that it's God's will for me. But I'm pushing forward any ways b/c I believe that it is God's will for me. My "stuck" season is beginning to move finally and I'm so happy. But it's also a lonely road when the naysayers are nagging in your ear constantly. But God has reminded me that, AGAINST ALL ODDS...David slayed the giant, Sara conceived in her old age, Moses built the arc, the Jericho walls came tumbling down, etc., etc. So we shouldn't focus on how we've been hit. There's no freedom in that! But rather how we can keep moving forward to victory after the hit! Well right after my Gonna Fly Now song ended today, the next one on my Rocky playlist was, No Easy Way Out. "There's no easy way out, there's no short cut home...but some things are worth fighting for!" I gotta do the thing and the victory will be that much more sweeter! Perhaps that's why I love the Rocky movies so much. Against all odds, he did it, and he was victorious! I have now found a handful of people who believe in me now and it feels nice. Although I realize that no-one can add or take away to the fact of who I am in Christ, and that's that! Hopefully I can be a light to the naysayers in my life! Hopefully I can scream out to them, as Rocky did, "Yo, Adrian (so and so), I did it!", and they will cheer with me and see God's hand in it the glory of His name! But for now, I rest in the fact that I need to love my enemies without expecting anything in return. THey may never cheer me on. I see their lives and it's so negative. There is enough negative...why should we dwell on it? "The JOY of the LORD is our strength!" Oh that my focus will always remain there, Jesus! Against all odds, Jesus carried Corrie to VICTORY!!! Amen and Hallelujah! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dog Show

So I love going to dog shows. I love dogs! Today I went to the Houston dog show with my sisters, mom, and nieces and nephew and I had such a good time. I didn't get to take pictures of all the dogs that I loved, but I got one of a cute, little, princess maltese girl who was about to be showed....and she won! :) See the first picture...They get quite a sprucing! Well, on our way home, next picture :), I decided (when I woke up) that I was going to spruce up my little, handsome, boy maltese, Linus for summer. See last 3 pictures. Hope you enjoy! Linus would be best in show if he behaved enough to do all that stuff! But then I would have to buy a pair of those ugly, black running shoes to show him with and I don't think that I'm down for that. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Come and See

It's my favorite time of day...dusk. I sit here on my porch, while my two sweet pups accompany me at my feet, and watch as Creation bows it's head to it's Creator. The air cools down, and all of nature begins to quiet. The sun begins to set and leave behind it an array of magnificent and soft, purple, blue, and pink! The moon begins to rise in all it's yellowy/white fullness...higher and higher over the roof. I think it's what they call a "farmer's moon" tonight. My pool looks like a still lake and ushers my spirit to calm, as the crickets now begin their nightly symphony. I love these quiet nights of beauty! It's as if my Creator is beckoning me to come and see Him at work as He closes out the day with a grand finale! I am here, He whispers, as I Behold Him in every slight breeze that catches the leaves in the trees. The first star shows herself and begins to twinkle and I realize that this is a masterpiece that could only be captured in my heart. Thank you for our date, Jesus. I love you! :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

No, I am not gonna break out in song!... :)

* Sparklers
* Twinkle Christmas lights
* Christmas time
* Fall leaves in New England
* When a YL kid abandons all to Jesus
* Frontier Ranch in Colorado
* Africa!!!
* monkeys
* butterflies
* lightening bugs/fireflies
* flowers and gardens
* HFBC and my sweet loved ones there who teach me
* Beth Moore Bible Studies and Mary Ann Bridgwater's prayer times and talking to Audra
* Sushi and green tea ice cream
* a big bowl of pasta
* puppies
* Linus
* the smell of downy in my sheets and after a birthday candle is blown out
* the peace and quiet of the sunset and nature at dusk
* a good tan at the beach
* A walk in the woods in Wyoming
* a good cup of coffee on a slow, cold day
* Bubbles
* shooting stars
* riding a 4-wheeler
* Hearing a baby laugh
* popcorn and a good movie
* My spongebob! :)
* When Hanna and I laugh together
* When Amanda isn't so busy
* Playing with my neices and nephew, Alexis, YL friends, Lindsay, Aimee and Kristen
* Not being able to put a good book down

and only one more so as not to bore you...

* Having a great time in the Holy of Holies with Jesus!


It had been over a month since I've been in town and have been able to have corporate worship with my church. Well I finally got back yesterday and when we started singing I got a beautiful picture of my last time of corporate worship and it was in Africa. It was our last day there and they had all of the Americans who were leaving kneel down while all the Zambians stood over us and worshipped and prayed over us in Nanja. What an experience that I will not soon forget! It brought tears to my eyes! I can not wait to do this in heaven! Let us all worship Him today in Spirit and in Truth! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Shack

So I just finished reading the book, The Shack, by William P. Young. It is a must read if you care what I have to say. It is non-conventional so stick with it and the story comes together and paints you a beautiful picture of heaven on earth! I couldn't put it down! If you read it, write me and tell me what you thought. It's amazing! :) I'm sad it's over!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Psalm 69

I spent the past 3 years crying out to God, Psalm 69, without the last part ringing true yet. It's been a rough 3 years! I have felt STUCK! But then over a course of about the past 9 months, He has been moving in my life and today I cried out the last part of the chapter of Psalm 69! I still don't have all my questions answered, but doors are opening and I smell freedom! Yay...praise His name!! Now I just cry for my hearts doors to open. I have intricately built a wall around my heart, brick by brick, these past few years. I shall say that I have done a mighty fine job. Although I am not too proud of it now that I am aware of it. Due to my upbringing and some very hurtful relationships, I have learned to "cut-off" emotionally pretty well. I want to feel again. I want to connect. I want full freedom! But I am thankful that I feel the wind in my hair now. My Beth Moore Bible Studies and Mary Ann Bridgwater prayer times; my counselor, Audra; my trip to Israel and the prophecy I received while there; and my trip to Africa have been good to me! As I walk down this road, with the wind in my hair, I am highly anticipating to be knocked over by a mighty fine wind storm and dust off my knees, only to walk in full freedom! "Whom the Son sets free, is FREE INDEED!" I am walking there....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A message to the weary in service

First, As Psalm 68 highlights, we have a God whose heart breaks for the orphans, widows, helpless, lonely, etc. and if they have a special place in the heart of God, then they must find such a place in our hearts as well. (James 1:27.) So consider what you can do for these helpless ones. You can either give your time, money, talents or prayers. For it is when we witness His strength and splendor that we realize the wonderful and personal supervision the helpless receive from the Heavenly Father. But remember...

Secondly, We have a God who delights in impossibilities! John 6:5-13. So when the needs are overwhelming and the problems seem too big and we feel too insufficient to answer the call, then and only then can we look to the sufficiency of Jesus! We are insufficient but He lives in us and He is strong! He already has in mind what He is going to do and if He wants to allow you the priveledge to be apart of His plan or not. For every need does not constitute your calling. So acknowledge your limitations and trust Him for He already knows how He will meet the need. And lastly...

Finally, As Beth Moore so eloquently quotes from our very own Bible, Heaven is God's throne. Earth is His footstool. Awesome creatures never cease day or night singing, "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty." Lightening flashes from His throne. The winds do Hid bidding. The clouds are His chariot. The earth trembles at the sound of His voice. When He stands to His feet, His enemies are scattered. And yet this very One is our Abba, our Father, He demands and deserves our respect. Without it, we are powerless. Romans 8:15!

So whatever is over our heads, is under His feet! Just open up your arms, release the troubles into His care, keep your arms open in intercession to God, and when they are ready to return, they will find you waiting with your arms open wide! :) Prayer works wonders and when you see the answers, praise is inevitable! I witnessed it the whole month of June myself! Praise His glorious name and Behold Him do His thing! It is a priveledge we even get to wash feet with Him!

Friday, July 4, 2008


Check out my good friend, Megan's blog, to figure out how you can better pray for Africa. She has a way with words. the

Thursday, July 3, 2008

And finally...

And the rest of my YL pics

Reality check

Well, I was off work, which I hate, for the whole month of June and was off serving kids in Africa and Colorado, which I love! What a blessed month that it was! I sit here now, overwhelmed by what the world has to offer. I was shielded by God's glory this past month and it was magnificent! Now I am back to reality and I hate it! In fact, I just got done telling a friend that I was gone so long in another country, and then on a mountain, that when I got home I went to eat a tomato and my family threw it out of my hand! "What's wrong with a tomato?", I yelled...for crying out loud! I wasn't even aware of our tomato issues back home. How shielded I was! And now I sit here pondering the holiday we will be celebrating tomorrow....our nation's freedom. Happy Freedom 4th by the way! It makes me think that "Whom the Son sets free, is FREE INDEED!" I may be back to reality, but I got the priveledge of watching some freedoms take place in kids lives this past month and I will rejoice in it, and my own, tomorrow and the rest of my time "off the mountain." May you too! Attached are some pics from my last trip with my Young life kids in Colorado! Amazing! Enjoy!