Friday, May 16, 2014

I'm Still Here...

Hello! So there is WAY TOO MUCH to try and catch up on and I felt convicted that I needed to start writing again so, providing my 2 babies allow me time too, here I go.

First of all, yes, I said 2 babies! Lillie Joy is now 2 years old and just plain awesome! She is smart, funny, beautiful, a little diva (unlike her momma); However, loves to be playing outdoors at all times (just like her momma) and just plain and simple a character! 8 months after she turned 1 we had another baby girl and her name is Jubilee Charis! She is ever so different from her big sister. She is tiny, barely sleeps, tags along wherever we go very peacefully, is 95% of the time very happy, a huge snuggler and a doll! She was born on 11-22-2013 and much more easily than Lillie! I will attach a few pictures of them both. I am a stay at home momma and my days consists of taking care of our girls 24/7! I am exhausted but love it and wouldn't have it any other way!

All that said, Lillie is up from her nap so blog time is already over. :) I will move on as to why I felt that I needed to start writing again (that is if I still have any more readers now...haha) in my next post (that won't take over a year!) :) I do have a purpose (other than updating you on my daughters.) Can't wait to dive in again!