Friday, April 10, 2009

Bought with the precious blood of Christ!

I am in awe today as I remember what my Savior did for me so many years ago on this Good Friday. As our guest speaker, an amazing completed Jew, reminded me at church last night..."We can't taste and enjoy the sweetness of redemption until we remember first the bitterness of slavery." Well I remember it all too well and that is why today I am so blessed to tears! He saved me...and not because of righteous things that I had done, but because He loved me! I am humbly amazed!...and I stand a bit taller only because I am bowing a bit lower.
I was reading the Gospels today as we have been going through the Holy week this past week, and I was reminded yet again of how beautifully that they really do fit all together. Just as the Passover symbolizes His body broken for us by the bread, so His Resurrection symbolizes His newness of life to us. Some of Jesus' last words were, "See, I make all things new," as He was riddled in blood, sweat, darkness, my sins, and tears! Oh my! His death enables me today to sit here today, read His Holy Scriptures, and type this...all the while as I watch a loving and stunningly beautiful cardinal bird couple flirt, eat, and flitter with one another (yes, I made up that last word!) I'm gazing out my window at these two birds, my dogs frolicking close by them in the grass, Linus literally prancing in our bluebonnet garden, butterflies flittering by, and the taste of Spring in the air! Hallelujah! I rejoice this Easter b/c His death has brought me life, I know that my Redeemer LIVES, evil has been defeated, and b/c of His death, I can face tomorrow! Thank you, Jesus!
Happy Easter, friends! I love you! :)

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Ryan Adams said...

Great blog! I wish I could be there in that moment...