Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

I love all the flowers that are popping up everywhere now a days! Praise Jesus! :) The beauty and this weather puts a spring in my step! In fact, my grandfather moved into a nice retirement home today and as I was there helping him, I couldn't help but dance down the hallways. My aunt was embarrassed of me but I didn't care. Why would she be embarrassed of me anyways? You should have seen the old folks doing the Wii Fit...HILLARIOUS!!! :) Yeo, I always love when the sun gets to shine a little longer and brighter! My skin craves the sun and I have enough sun spots now at 30 to prove it! :) Perhaps my new found taste of freedom is mostly the reason for my joy! In fact, I know it is! But with that comes a big target on my back. Will I stay faithful? The enemy is already trying to trip me up. Just today my mind wrestled with going back to an old habit of mine that needs to stay dead and buried. KSBJ was playing in the background, and as the thought entered, I heard words over the radio declaring a Father's love for a child. As soon as I heard it I thought, "Why would I want to hurt my Father so bad? That would grieve Him. And besides, I know better. I am His royal princess of a daughter." As soon as I thought it, my mouth dropped. I FINALLY GOT IT!!! Praise Jesus! :) I'm sure He was thinking the same thing too...ha. :)

You see, my dad was around growing up, but not involved. So too grasp the concept of God as my caring Father has been hard for me. I know it in my head, but it doesn't control my heart. But I got it today! Oh thank you, Lord! May I never forget! Man, once we grasp just truly Whose we are and who we are in Him, EVERYTHING thankfully changes! Do you know Whose you are and who you are in Him? Find out. Then choose to believe it 'til it eventually seeps into your very marrow and one day you just get it. After all, the apostle John knew what He was talking about when He placed love and obedience together!

On a side note, as I type today I am not feeling as pretty as yesterday's blog attested too. My nails are already messed up! They are stained blue from painting with my nieces, and chipped from being the compulsive hand washer that I am. This crazy girl can't seem to stay clean and I guess that too is part of the reason for me not spending money on these kinds of things. :) And lastly, enjoy a shout out from my cat, Sally. She got spayed today so is under the weather. Don't these photos just speak what we women feel sometime??? :)

Happy Spring friends! Enjoy it! :)

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parks said...

oh my gosh... your cat is hilarious! and yes, we can all attest to that, can't we?! you are free to dance! anytime you want to dance, i'll never be ashamed of you... i'll dance along side you!!! :o) praise! its FUN being His princess!!!!