Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Checking In...

Well, I'm starting to bring my head up from above water and my life is getting back to somewhat of a routine now. I like things that way. I thrive on "Organized Chaos." :) YL started back in full swing for me this week and I honestly couldn't be more excited about this year! I have no clue what to expect though. We're meeting at a new place, I've added new leaders, and another new school has been added to my area as well! But I'm excited for the group of kids we have and my new team! Take it Jesus!

On top of that, I also start training to become a Christian Counselor for the next few months. It's through an organization called Elijah House Prayer Ministries. I heard about them through my church years ago and have been meeting with one of their counselors myself for a few years now. I'm excited about this new tranistion. If I could plan my life (we'll see what God wants), I'd quit working for YL and just volunteer, stay at home with my children (that I yet to have) :) and do this counseling ministry at home (as my counselor does)-hopefully partnering with YL. I also want to write a book. We shall see.

On top of that, I am also planning my Spring Wedding!:) I could not be more excited, but it is stressful. There is in fact a lot on my plate right now...every night is full! But nothing good ever comes easy, right? I have no clue what this next summer holds for me, but that is what my fall and spring look like! Things certainly do drastically change in just a year! But walking with God is like that. He is full of surprises and life with Him is one big, faith-filled, wild ride! So I'm buckling in this semester! And if you're looking for something to read, Radical, by David Platt, A 40 day journey with Deidrich Bonhoeffer, and of course the Word itself is grounding me and something I suggest. Feel free to send a prayer my way. I'm off now for some much needed time with my fiance (still wierd to say!) :)


d'laney said...

Let me just say that I have you bookmarked (you're kind of a superstar) and it's so good to hear/read what's going on with you! I'm watching the Office right now.. I think everything reminds me of you.. weird. Yet awesome. :) Glad you're getting back to normal. Love you so much Corrie.


Ruth 4:13-15 :)

parks said...

looove you!!! i am praying for you everyday! God is so good, so faithful :o) talk super soon.