Sunday, January 6, 2013

Holiday Pictures

In lieu of my last post, here are some pictures from over the Holidays of our new puppy, Franklin; Lillie (who is now 9 months old!); Christmas; and time with some family and friends that I managed to capture! :)

Hosted a friends game night at mi casa and here is sweet Gage playing his own game. :)

The zoo with my best friend, Hanna (who was in town) and her family! It was freezing out...probably why I got sick later but great day so worth it!

Our new puppy, Franklin!

Christmas Eve (ha) :)

Our family Christmas (early b/c Steven had to work)

Our present to Jesus (Matthew we gave)

Lillie opening gifts before Christmas

Christmas Day at my parents

I left for a brief moment to let the dogs out at my house and I come back to find how her cousins dressed her :)

Christmas night and entering into a Christmas coma

Play time has begun as Disney has now thrown up in our house (thank you, family!) :)

Happy New Year!!

9 months now and a silly goose

All for Daddy...Go Texans!!

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