Monday, March 25, 2013

I officially have a toddler!

This past week has been busy for my family and I! On March 19th we celebrated my mom's birthday (which was also Steven and I's anniversary.) Then the next day, on March 20 was Lillie's 1st birthday! I opted out of the big, 1 yr old, birthday celebration trend and just kept it simple. The pictures tell the story. We spent the day doing everything that Lillie loves-as of right now. We woke up, played around the house, had bfast, then she took a nap. After her nap, Lillie and I headed to Froberg's (our nearly local Farmer's Market) with Mimi and the cousins and picked strawberries. Then we headed to Menchie's for some frozen yogurt. After that it was home for another nap, then that night we celebated with Daddy and my family over her favorite dinner of Pei Wei and her 1st cake! She was spoiled and loved all of her gifts and all of the attention! The next day we played with all of her toys and then some of Daddy's family came over for cupcakes and more celebrating! The following day was supposed to be Steven and I's celebratory anniversary outting (with Lillie spending the night out for her 1st time at my parents); However, plans sadly backfired! Steven, Lillie and I all took 24 hour shift turns with the new stomach virus that has been going around! Ugh! But today is a new day and we are ready to get in full swing as we prepare for Easter! So much hope fills my heart as well as sadness. But that is for another post that hopefully I will have time to write soon. Lillie keeps me busy these days! And on that note, I will end with all that encompasses Lillie in this first year of life!

Lillie, at one years old you love...
*your sleep
*to eat-especially strawberries, noodles, frozen yogurt, peas, mum mums and your bottle
*your cousin, Grace
*Disney Junior cartoons
*bath time
*being pushed on any kind of device
*the outdoors
*going to Papa's to see his chickens
*and anyone who gets on the floor and plays with you-giving you their un-divided attention

You still look just like your Daddy and are like a day away from walking on your own. You can say: Mama, Mom, Daddy, Dada, Papa, Grace, out please (ow pea), Uh Oh, Baba (bottle), and Bath. And you also love to make animal noises. You are: unique, independent, smart, beating to your own drum, funny, beautiful and sweet. I can't believe that it's been a year! We both survived by God's grace! :) You are so loved, Lillie Joy!

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Sarah said...

Sooo stinkin sweet! I love this idea and Lillie will too when she can read!!! Love it Corrie!