Sunday, September 28, 2008


I was reading Luke 10:21 in my devotions this morning...about how God reveals His dealings with little children instead of the wise. And it got me thinking of how Jesus also said that unless we change and become like little children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Jesus commends child-like faith. But why are we told to become like children? They are very selfish creatures at times. But I think I know why. My sister home-schools her children. The other day, in their Bible class, my sister was showing flash cards to my niece and nephew and they had to recite the story and scripture reference, etc. to the picture that they saw. Well the next picture that arose was the one of the adulterous woman wiping Jesus' feet with her tears. Just at the sight of the picture my 7 yr. old niece got up and ran out of the room crying. She proceeded to tell me later that day that she felt like that woman. She knew that she too had sin in her life and she felt bad and wanted to live now like that woman, at the feet of Jesus. I was blown away! Now that is the Spirit and no coaching on my sister's part. My 7yr, old niece accepted Christ that day and what a celebration that was! Then later that day, the night before the hurricane hit, my other niece and I (the 3 yr old) were watching the movie, Meet the Robinson's. A "scary" part came on (that's what she referred to) so she stuck her arm out, invited me to have her cuddle me, as she protected me from the bad part 'til it was over. What an act of love!
Children need to be taught! Taught how to share, not lie, etc. However, they have teachable spirits. And they have not yet been totally marred by the world. They trust, they love, they have faith, they laugh, they have resilence. That is what I want to gain back! For the soul lives, like the body, by what it feeds on. Let Jesus be your life and feast and live on HIm! Then, no-matter what the day holds, you can pick yourself up from a fall, let Him hold you as you cry, then dust off your dirty knees and get right back to playin'! Life is hard, but Jesus didn't mean for us to make it so complicated. Simplify! In conclusion, read ISAIAH 51 today. A little off topic but it's another lesson that God is currently teaching me and it's a good read. It actually brings everything full circle. "Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!" Break free from your strongholds, generational sins, fears, idols, etc. and walk in child-like faith with Jesus!
P.S. As life finally begins to get back to normal after Ike, please continue to pray for those in my area who were really devastated by it! Praise His name that He was merciful at our home...I am grateful! Thanks!

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