Monday, January 26, 2009

I love dogs!

Doesn't matter how you bring them...I love dogs!!!! After our amazing service at church today, some amazing friends and I were playing in Houston when we stumbled across the coolest animal shelter that I have ever wondered in. I wanted to adopt all the dogs! One was brought in as a puppy b/c it's previous owner had abused it and severed it's leg bone clear in half...horrific! I donated $50 for her b/c I couldn't take her in. (I should have done more but I spent the rest shamelessly at one of my favorite stores...Anthropologie!) You have to save a lot of money for that store! :) I wish I could save all the hurting children and animals out there! I hate when the helpless ones are hurt...the innocent. But I returned home from my adventures to find that my dad had brought home 2 new, male bird dog pups from his recent hunting adventures in Kansas. Please welcome Samson and Chief! I love them already...but not as much as I love Linus and Lucy and Pooka! Linus and lucy didn't know how to act...especially since Lucy is 6 months older than they are and half their size! :)

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Manda said...

basically our house is going to be full of dogs!!