Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pups Update

Yesterday I took Linus to get neutered and Lucy to get spayed (both fixed) and some complications arose. Needless to say I am at home nursing two very sick dogs back to health. Linus is thankfully on the mend, but Lucy is not doing as great. She had some complications. So I decided to post some pics just to show how drastic they are doing. The first 3 pics are of Linus before the surgery (he is a ham!) :) The fourth pic down is of Lucy trying to get on mama's lap before the surgery. The rest are of after the surgery, You can see how bad little Lucy is. She looks stoned. It is so sad. But the last 3 pics are of today and they are doing a bit better. Praise Jesus! Yes, my dogs and YL kids are my children for now. :) Enjoy the exploitation....and feel free to pray for poor little Lucy!


Manda said...

poor babies :(

Gina said...

oh corrie, thats too much. i love dogs also (as if you didn't know!) and yours are just stinkin adorable. i love you, missed you in prayer last tuesday.