Monday, May 4, 2009

Life on mission

Ministry is hard. I have been reading through one of my very dear friend's and mentors book called, Prayers for the Faithful, by Mary Ann Bridgwater (I highly recommend.) It leads you through prayer not only in your own life, but for a different missionary group, in a different country, every day. The other day I was reading about a missionary's story on how hard spiritual warfare can get as a missionary. My heart began to go out to him, as if I felt his pain. And then it hit me, I do feel his pain b/c I know it first hand. I may not be on missions in a third world country, but I am on missions in America and it is tough. When I was a Sr. in High school I surrendered to a life of ministry/missions for Jesus. I mean, as Christians we are all told to live out the Great Commission, but I just knew that I was called to it full-time. God has taken me different places since then and I know that He will continue too, but for now, and for awhile now, He has had me serving with Young Life. Young Life is a non-profit Christian organization geared toward our un-churched youth. I raise support to do what I do. I love it. But at times it gets really hard. You see, the enemy isn't hiding behind the dark ravages of poverty, aids, sex trafficing, witch doctors, etc. so much here. I know that stuff goes on too in America. But instead he is hiding behind materialism, sexual immorality, drug & alcohol addictions, eating disorders, liars, etc. These kids see no need for God, yet need Him desperately. Most of their parents could care less for them and every time I begin to sense a breakthrough with one of them, either they fall deeper into sin, or satan starts biting at my heels to get me down for the fight. Ministry is tough. Even ministry in America. I just needed to vent that today. I am reminded of all the miracles I have been so blessed to witness in my years of YL. Wow! I am a miracle myself! God ransomed me from my life through the ministry of YL. But I am in need of a fresh miracle with one of these child's today. One of them is really getting me down. God, help her! And I am in need of some peace from the enemy today too. I know that God is with me in the fire, but sometimes the heat is excruciating. I have learned however, that I can not be a pharisee. I don't work alone. God is the one to save them, just as He did me. So God, please use me, yet please save them...esp. this one! I am a missionary and I could use your prayers...

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