Wednesday, November 4, 2009


As I was sitting at my hair dressers today (getting my head fried under the giant blow dryer that was drying my "glaze") I was bored so preceeded to play a game of checkers on my iphone. Normally the stupid computer beats me everytime. I rarely win. But not this time! I beat that machine in 60 seconds...woo-hoo! To which I pondered, "How? Was it just luck?" Nope. I had a different strategy this time! Normally I never jump the computer's checkers if I know that it can jump me right back. But today I didn't care. I had been at the salon for so long and I forgot reading material and I was bored. So I just kept jumping the computer's checkers knowing that it could very well jump my checker right back. But it worked. And it was after that discovery that I had an epiphany...I normally play checkers just like how I approach life. I am scared to get "jumped" so I make no move and therefore always lose. Yet today I RISKED and I lost a few checkers but I ultimately won, and still with a lot of checkers left on the board! We must risk sometimes with the Lord. It's scary but He takes care of us. Just TRUST. Currently I am in a season where a lot of wisdom is needed as I wait for God's direction. It's not time yet for me to risk but now I know when it is, wherever God leads, I will be OK. Thank you for lessons, Lord! And thank you for enabling me to forgive the checkers iphone game after a certain someone ruined it for me...ha. :) With that being said, here is a picture of my hair cut. My mom saw it and said, "Yuck. You look so old. I like it so much better longer. Why do you keep cutting it." Nice! :) Well, I like it...I like a change! I can't believe that I am doing it, but here's a compare and contrast...Ok, So I am going to grow it back out. :) I just pulled a Jennifer Aniston. Wish I looked like her too...ha. :) Ok, well I'm off now to teach campaigners to my YL folks. We are learning about holiness. God, may we live holy please! And gracious Shepherd, I ask you for wisdom please!


Gina said...

Corrie, I love your new cut!!

I love you so much!!!!

Brock & Megs Birkenfeld said...

Love your hair! And I love that I too always use pics of Jennifer Aniston when I cut mine.. it's like I think getting the same hair cut will morph me into her. Ha!

Love you Corrie!! Sawyer misses you and thinks you should come visit soon!!