Saturday, October 31, 2009

JAM Days

*Updated: My nieces and nephew and first party attendee of the night...Alice & Wonderland, and Ryan & Sharpay from High School Musical of course... :)

It is Halloween today and there is not much to do. I don't celebrate anymore really and I was going to make my usual favorite fall dish but my mom decided to host a party here tonight for my nieces and nephews and their friends. So, with unusual free time on my hands, I decided to blog. I don't have much to say though. I'm in one of those times in my life where God is teaching me some deep lessons that I feel aren't quite blog worthy for the world know. So I decided to post some pics instead. One of the perks of my job with Young Life is that it is mandatory that we take Jesus and me (JAM) days 1x a month. Of course I sadly never take them but decided this month that I should. So last Friday I turned off my cell phone upon rising (until 5pm) and began the day by fasting and praying. What focused intimacy with Jesus fasting brings! You should try it. Then Jesus and I zipped on over to the Zoo and Herman Park. What fun we had! It was glorious! Boy do I love animals...esp. the baby which God pleasantly delighted me with! :) Below are a few pics. Most of the animals were playing with pumpkins and it was a ball to watch them with it. Hope you enjoy! Happy Fall Ya'll! One of my favorite times of year! :) For those who care, :), Now you know that I am alive and will write soon enough...

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