Saturday, April 24, 2010

Playing Hookie...Kind of

I feel like a high school kid again who is playing hookie and stupidly putting herself in the position to get caught (which I did a lot back then) but I'm actually not now. :) I was scheduled for and had a colonoscopy this weekend and God had in mind just to bar me in all together. It's just like God to know when we need some time out. And I did. As far as the colonoscopy goes, (Eww...I one of my YL kids so eloquently put it) :) I am OK (for the most part), so praise Jesus! But it seems that I caught a sinus infection while in the hospital so that has me under now almost more than the remaining anesthesia. However, I have actually been pretty productive. Just today I was supposed to be attending (somehow): 2 baseball games, 2 different Spring Shows, a wedding shower, a fishing tournament, selling mulch, and a crawfish boil...but I opted out of them all due to all this. I feel as if I am playing hookie by admitting it publicly on here, but hopefully my peeps will understand. Instead, I have done things that I haven't gotten to do in awhile, and despite my ill health, I have actually gotten a lot done. I have: cleaned my house (as well as my insides...ha), washed my bedding (which is one of my most favorite smells in the world), done some more writing on my book, gardened and finally caught some sun (my ghostly self is happy), napped beside my babies (something I never do), almost finished the entire trilogy of the Lord of the Rings (extended version I might add...but my favorite), got some YL office work done (my least favorite part of the job), and actually worked out. It's a miracle! I'm ready to get back to my fast paced life starting tomorrow. That's what I'm used to. But for now, I have enjoyed the past 3 days holed up with Jesus!

Attached are some pictures from my land of boredom. You will find my bird, Woodstock, enjoying a morning on the deck with me and Jesus (outsmarting the pretty singing birds with all the words that he knows); a before and after of my garden (thats zuchini coming!); some of my Spring flowers (including one called The Passion of the Christ-Yes, it's real and so cool); the kids playing on a new hill my dad made for them; my sleeping crazy babies and my badges of honor; a duck escorting her baby at one of my YL kids houses on the water (so cute), and pretty flowers for the patient, from my sweet man. Enjoy! :)

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