Sunday, April 25, 2010

Simpler Times

Here's a secret about me...I am not technologically savvy. I still own a vcr and videos, and I just bought my first dvd player not too long ago. If it wouldn't have been for my ex bf's and the hundreds of techno savvy high school kids that I am surrounded by daily, I would be utterly lost in our current day and age...and I'm actually apart of this generation...ha! With that said, here is another secret about me. I am extremely hyper sensitive about movies and TV shows. It's my own conviction...but I can hardly watch anything in this day and age. However, I love movies, so I have found some good entertainment in the Hallmark channel. God bless Michael Landon! Do you even know who he is?...ha. Well, my sister knows of and shares my conviction so we are usually swapping movies. Yesterday she gave me one called, Saving Sarah Cain. It's no Academy Award Winner, but made from a Christian book and a good "feel good." I was supposed to be back to my "jet-setting" lifestyle today, but my body would not have it. This sinus infection blows! (Tucker can attest to that.) So I ended my day early and decided to curl up and watch this movie instead. During it I got interrupted by a family friend of ours. He and his wife were over sharing some fresh veggies and flowers with us, straight from their garden (see below pics of their swiss chard and fragrant sweet peas...beautiful!) I'm not kidding when I say that, boy do they ever have a garden! It's amazing! They brought over so much that I felt like I was in the movie, The Lord of the Rings, and visiting the Shire (OK, it's fresh on my mind...I just finished the trilogy!) :) Anyways, while they were here they clued me in on some organic products that they swore were sure to cure my sinus'. I was desperate, so with their advice, I paused the movie and headed out to our local central market to fetch it. Once home, I ingested the pills, and their home-grown veggies, and dove back into my movie. The movie was about an amish family and one woman's healing through them. It was simple. And it got me thinking about my up-bringing within a Quaker community. My family was not as simple, but I was surrounded by a community that my family founded and were all Quakers and Friends Church attendees. I liked the simplicity of the church. I no longer attend there but it taught me a lot. So with my mind still, and freshly ingested organic pills and veggies in my body, I did what I usually do on a busy-free, cool night...I jumped in the hot tub. And now I sit here, under the stars, in a somewhat techno free world, and type this post. It's times like these when I wish that I could throw my cellphone away and live simpler. But then I ponder, who would reach the lost world of kids that I am so fortunate to get to do life with? (see below pic of me with some before their prom.) And with that I am convinced that Jesus wasn't telling us to live in "The Village" (another movie...more Academy Award style), rather, to live in this world, just look different. And that is possible. The world needs us. But are you ready to be salt and light. You will look different. But don't we all like to stand out every once in awhile? I know I do. And by golly, I just realized that my nose and eyes haven't dripped once sit I wrote this. It's a miracle! Perhaps that stuff did work!? I sure hope so! I'll let you know. I'm off now to behold the wonder of our Creator in His heavens! Here's the sad part what appears to be slow moving shooting stars at times are really just satellites. Horrible! Technology, you are cool, but stay away! :) Goodnight! :)

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parks said...

you look young and cute enough to be their prom date! you are precious. i hope, my friend, that you are feeling better and better each day. :o) love you. xoxo