Saturday, December 11, 2010

My December thus far...

*Watching my nephews football games...always with my sidekick, Abi (that is when she doesn't find someone cooler that day!) :)
*Many walks with Jesus as HE constantly delights me! :)

*Several date nights with my man (this one was to Cirque de Solei)

*Christmas jammies!

*Lazy nights watching Hallmark movies with my crew (very few & far between but so cherished!)

*Time with family

*My first, own big Christmas tree! :)

*Young Life!

*Many holidays drinks!

*My new stocking that Steven's mom made me! :)

*Making Gingerbread houses

*One of the best days ever with my YL girls: Rachel, Gabby & Mallory (at church, Korea Gardens Restaurant, & a Korean Market-all in honor of Rachel who is from South Korea!) What yummy food!

*Fun times raiding my nephews closet and relaxing in my parents hot tub while they are away at Disney! :)

*And lastly, watching my man graduate from fire school. He is now a fireman and I am so proud of him! Congrats, Steven! :) I feel better, esp. as my crew and I were recently just evacuated from my apt in the middle of the night due to a fire. :/ All is well now though!

As usual this time of year, it's been busy. But so much fun! I've cherished so many great times with friends, YL friends, family, and Steven that I wish I had more pictures of, but I think that these are enough for now. :) However, mostly I have cherished my sweet times with Jesus. I know that I wanted it to be true before, I thought it was true, it was partly true, and in my head it was true; however, I don't think that I have ever been able to say this from my heart before, but I really mean it now...Jesus truly is my gift this year...and boy do I ever praise Him for that! Hallelujah! :) The story of Mary has come alive to me this season, but in a different way than normal. God recently revealed to me just how hard it must have been for Mary. I think we overlook the fact that people surely must not have believed her that the Holy Spirit put Jesus in her. I'm sure there was ridicule, judgement & gossip and that it hurt her deep. Scripture says that even Joseph had in mind to leave her until an angel visited him and assured him of his mission. In return for Mary's obedience, she got pain. However, she persevered, obeyed and what did she gain...JESUS! Not just for her, but for us. What a picture of what the Christian life is truly all about. If we choose the Kingdom of God vs. the Kingdom of this world, it will be hard. We will be mis-understood. Worldly living is easier. However, in the end, we who pursue the Kingdom of God gain a greater reward (Jesus) and our life has purpose while the rest of the world misses out. I have lived for the world and know first hand how un-fulfilling it in fact is. How purposeless. But now, as I choose to try and live for the Kingdom of God, I have found that it is hard, but it is SO FULFILLING!
"Greetings you who are highly favored!"
"Who me, Jesus?"
"Yes, you, Child."
"I don't feel highly favored. Things are hard."
"But you have gained the greatest gift of all, my Child."
"What is that, Jesus."
"You have gained Me. I am more than enough. And my life looked no less 'rosier.'"
"Enough said, Jesus."
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas friends! :)


Megan said...

You are gorgeous my friend! :)

And congrats to Steven!! So exciting!

Can't wait to hopefully get some more time with you in at Christmas! Maybe we can do a double date?!

Love you!!!

Oh yeah, have you read Treasuring God in Our Traditions yet? What'd you think?

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parks said...

after i read this, all i could think was... as awesome as 2010 has been, 2011 is gonna be the BEST year ever!!!! so many wonderful things are in store for you.
love you,