Monday, July 30, 2012

1st beach trip

Lillie loves water and so we took a spontaneous little drive to Galveston yesterday. It was raining on and off so we couldn't do much, but the little bit that she experienced, she loved! I can't wait to play with you more there little Lilster! And to share my first plate of hummus with you (we ate at Olympia Grill.) I hope you love ethnic food as much as your momma does...esp. sushi! :) You were a joy to watch in God's creation but yesterday sure did tire you out.
I promise not every post now will be about Lillie! But since I am not on any social network (kinda loathe them), you will see lots of pictures on here! :)


Richard Cohrs said...

O my your back!!!!!!!!! ha Been so long, thanks for commenting. I will for sure read these in a little bit. I can see your whole life has changed now. Congrats on everything, new house, baby, marriage. I just asked about you to Jenny Kirkland about a month ago. LOL What a surprise. Glad you're blogging again. :)

Corrie's Blog said...

Thanks, Richard! Good to be back! Look forward to keeping up with you as well! :)