Friday, September 21, 2012

She's half way there!

My little Lillie just turned 6 months old and it's like she grew up over night! They truly grow so fast and I am so grateful that I get to enjoy every moment with her now! All checked out great at Lillie's 6 month Dr's visit...minus the yucky shots! :( She weighs 16lbs and is 24in tall. Here are a few new things that Lillie is up to...

* She is rolling over everywhere and so I will find her at the end of her crib after every nap now. She loves it in there and will hang out there for a good while before I hear her cry.

* She is attempting to crawl and sit up but hasn't officially started yet.

* She started eating baby food! So far green peas, rice cereal and pears are her favorite and she grunts the whole time that she eats.

* She has her 1st tooth!...but it's hard to see b/c her silly tongue is always in the way!

* She still loves being outside and enjoys walks with momma. She is able to sit in her swing now.

* She is down to 2 naps a day and on a pretty good schedule.

* She is "talking" more, laughing more, and smiling lots.

* She loves her dogs and her papa.

* She has finally moved from bath times in her tub in th the kitchen sink to her tub in her own bath tub

* She still love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and now Octonauts.

* She gets to meet her buddy Keeton, tomorrow! She gets to see her God brother, Ryder and Parks God sisters often.

* Daddy makes her smile & Mommy makes her feel secure.

* She loves attention from others, as long as Mommy is in full eyesight.

* Home is her favorite place.

Lillie, I love you so much and pray for you everyday! You are a gift! I am so excited that fall is officially here and to get to share it with you! Next year you can try my pumpkin spice latte! :)

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Richard Cohrs said...

Oh I am doing great. It is wonderful to hear from you too. To answer your question, I am looking for work at the moment. Ready to be back in the groove of ministry but God has me right where He wants me. I am living in Waco at the moment and I am Going to Acts Church in downtown Waco. Absolutely love it there. All my family lives here now. I worked at Caterpillar here for a while but now out of a job. Hoping God is calling me out into a travelling ministry soon. All in all I am happy. How bought you? Bless u!!!