Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December thus far...

Via pictures...of course! So far this December has been fun! All these pictures are out of order but try and follow if you care that much! :)
We bought Lillie a walker for Christmas but if you know me at all, and you could see how tired that my arms are getting from carrying my growing girl, then you would know how much that I can not wait to give gifts! Therefore, since she doesn't know the difference yet anyways, Lillie received her walker early and has had fun cruising around in it. Below is a picture of her and our neighbor friend. I will admit that she prefers for me to either carry her around or to crawl around though still so so much for that! On a better note though, Lillie is starting to talk!! No big words yet but she says baba, mama & dada. It's so fun to hear! Anyways, back to pictures descriptions! Our sweet cousin, Alexis got baptized and that was so special to watch! We love her. Steven had his birthday and it was fun celebrating with Lillie and some friends! He finally got a Texans jersey that he has been begging for! Our good friends, the Dees' moved to far away to Colorado but Matt was in town for business so he got to come. Lillie is obsessed with his beard and loved playing with him. Below you will see a picture of her and their son, Keeton (born a day after Lillie) in the bow that Christa bought her. Sad to admit but Keeton looks way prettier in it! :) You will also find that my fur babies had to make it on here of course! They just got their Christmas groom and look so adorable. Too bad they wouldn't pose for me but this was in fact taken at the vet and they hate it there. My poor, 14 year old, Pooka goes in for a teeth cleaning thursday and I am praying that she makes it through! Please join with me, folks! Lastly, may you enjoy a pic of the new, tiny and precious baby, Colette! What a gift this little baby girl is! Lillie and I love play dates with her and her momma! That's all I got for now. Steven and I are trying to savor the rest of this December adventing the Christ, enjoying our family and preparing for the beginning stages of possibly adopting! Yes! Please be praying for us! Drink deeply from the Fountain of Life today! He is so worth it! And if you are in Texas, enjoy this awesome, Christmas cold snap! :)

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