Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Update on Lillie

Lillie is 16 months now and finally fully recovered from her bad cold and then immediately following UTI. Here is what Lillie is up to now a days...

*Lillie is beginning to talk up a storm (as best as you can understand her but I think she's pretty clear!) :) She says the following:
no, yes, up, amen, momma, daddy, papa, Aggie, sings the "ee...ii...ee...ii...oo" part of old macdonald, sissy, Lisa, makes lots of animal noises, baba (bottle), bye, hi, ball, makes car noise & firetruck siren noise, apple, shoes, Uh oh, woah, there, boo, bubble, again, grace, hot, "pizza box" for pizza, that, hat, sshh, thank you, please, ow peas (out please) & more. She is turning into a little parrot.

*Lillie loves:
Disney Jr cartoons; reading books; people coming over to her house; taking baths; going for stroller rides; going for walks now on her own; water & "swimming;" her cousin, grace; yogurt; going "bye-bye," hiding items around the house; going to my parents house and seeing the chickens; playing chase and jumping on our bed with Daddy; snuggling with mommy when 1st wakes up; and playing with her toys!

*Lillie, you are:
funny, silly, sweet, already testing your boundaries, attached to Momma, loveable, beautiful, a great sleeper, tan already; easy going, quiet, and about to be a big sister! I pray that you love your little sister from the moment she gets here! And I pray that you live up to your name and life verse...among so much else! Above all else, "May your love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself!" I love you so very much, baby girl!

Sorry not more pictures but here you go! :)

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