Saturday, October 18, 2008


I sit here this morning, as my last post stated, enjoying fall! The air is cooler and smells a little bit like crisp autumn. The birds are dancing a jig on my roof (which at times is a bit the old Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds-b/c there are so many of them! :)), and I'm watching my newest addition to my dog family, Lucy having a time. Lucy is 4 1/2 months old and is every bit of cute and energetic as all puppies are. She is a whopping 3lbs now and looks like a tiny, fluffy, white, stuffed animal, that decided to spring to life as a maltese dog! She is so petite and every bit as precious! While Linus (my 1 1/2 yr. old, 6lb., white maltese) and Pooka (my 10 yr. old, tan, grandma, peckignese) and I sit here and revel at the beauty of God's creation, Lucy is off at the moment chasing herself some birds. And not the bigger birds that I see back here. She leaves the doves, blue jays, squirrels, etc. to fend for themselves. No, my little princess is after her some baby sparrows and swallows and it is every bit as cute as I think it sounds! She prances and swats at them just like if she were a cat! And I can't help but laugh. Besides the fact that I'm smiling at Lucy and at the same time a tiny bit afraid of the Holy Spirit birds attacking me (I can count count 20 on my roof alone right now...that's why you shouldn't watch horror films! :)), I also am pondering Psalm 104. The glorious way that God created creation to obey Him and work in harmony with each other, is the same way that He created us to love, worship and obey Him and work in harmony together, but our fall brought us dis-array instead. But we are not without hope! For JESUS made a way and we can work in harmony with Him again! Hallelujah! So let us worship Him today in the splendor of His holiness! For the way to true joy and identity is found in treasuring His "name and renown" alone!
"May the glory of the lord endure forever; may the Lord rejoice in his works-" Psalm 104:31.
Alright, I guess my blogging is coming to an end now for my baby girl has now tuckered herself out and needs her mommy to hold her. I love it! :) And now Linus is jealous and wants up on my lap too. I respect you women with multiple, young children! :) I'm off to spoil my kids, then read me some Word, then go to my nephew's football game, then meet a YL kid for coffee, then work-out, and finally to make dinner for my man. Tonight it is going to be a spicy, turkey sausage, peas and pasta dish. If you cared to know.... :) Happy Sabbath! :)

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Manda said...

lil lucy... my lil neice i need to see her and linus, wednesday hang out put me in the schedule
love ya