Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall...My favorite time of year

I love the colored leaves in New England...they are such portraits of beauty in their rich colors of red, yellow and orange that cruch under your feet and whisper as they fall! I went their a couple of falls ago with my best friend, Hanna and had the time of my life! I love the cooler weather...the festivals...the pumpkin and apple apple cider...visiting apple orchards, etc. Too bad you pretty much can't do any of that here in Texas! :) But still take time today to breathe in fall. Go carve a pumpkin and roast the yummy! (Exhibit a...the one my man carved for me...pretty talented!) Then just enjoy the my little man, Linus is in the below picture! :) Or at a bonfire (like the one below when my man and I celebrated A&M's victory over beating UT last year!) Or by finding a leaf pile to jump and play in (like my man and I also did while visiting his family in Virginia.) Or bake a yummy dessert (like pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, which I stole the recipe from another fellow yummy!) Whatever you decide to do, just go and BEHOLD the Creator and play like you haven't done in a long while! Stop and enjoy! Happy Fall Friends! :)


Manda said...

ok so saturday afternoon I would love to enjoy some fall with ya.... and sunday ill try and talk alina and jena into body works and i so want to go

barbara head said...

It is too bad we don't have four seasons in Texas! Here in Houston our two seasons are Hot and Hotter! Oh well, we can always visit those beautiful northeastern places for Fall and still miss all that blizzard weather in Winter.