Saturday, December 6, 2008


My sweet dog, Linus had his knee replacement surgery (amongst other surgeries along with it) on friday. It went very well and I am so thankful! I got him back today and he ate, drank and hobbled out to the bathroom. He is pretty groggy, weak, tired and annoyed, but all in all he is doing great, considering. Here are a couple pictures of him from the night before and then a picture of him the day after (today-in his green sweater.) My poor little man. :( But how I praise God that he is Ok! Yes, I know that he is just a dog, but he is the closest thing that I have to a child right now (other than my YL kids) and I love him. What a gift he was from God to me over a year ago! Such un-conditional love. And no, I am not one of those people who dresses her dog up, but he had to be shaved for surgery and it's cold outside so he is freezing and needed one. Besides, I think that he looks so handsome in his green, cable-knit sweater! :) Focus on his back leg and you can see his stitches. :( I apologize for the poor photo's from my crappy cell phone. Anyways, I'm off to be with my little man and try to fight off his 6 month old sister who is very happy to have him home. May you enjoy the quiet December Sabbath day at home, as I am!

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