Sunday, December 28, 2008

Random Christmas Time pics of 08

So I got a new Nikon cool pix camera for Christmas from my BF (my first digital) and so here are my first pics from it! They range from: Random pics of my decorated house and my babies (the peanuts stuff is a gift from my mom this year b/c I love them so much-hence Linus and Lucy's names) and the cork wreath and saying is from my dear friend, Aimee (she is so talented!) Ryan and I's YL staff Christmas Chelsea's coffee shop with my YL leaders and friends after our Christmas PJ my yummy gingerbread pics of the gang ice skating at the Downtown University Green (didn't come out too good that night) Lindsay, Amanda and I's night out at Moody Garden's Festival of Lights (not in that order really...sorry!) And then guess what...I forgot to take pictures on Christmas day! It was a busy day...oops! Enjoy these random thousands tho from my new Camera! A quick flash of Corrie's busy 2008 Christmas season! :)


Manda said...

I love the pics!!!
linds sleeping is great! i didn't know christmas lights could wear someone out so quick!
and i look so good in them! haha so i love your camera and the fact the snow made yhem look blurry haha

Gina said...

Love all your pictures, Corrie. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I love you.