Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a Gift!

So it all started Tuesday night of this week. I was wrapping up my Tuesday night Bible study with a small group of my YL High School girls (which I LOVE!) We were about to exit Panera Bread but being girls, we huddled by the door to finish talking b/c it was too cold to go outside. That's when I exclaimed, "It's cold enough...I hope that it snows!" To which one of the sweet girls replied, "It's not gonna snow, Corrie. It has to be 30 degrees at the most to snow. It's not gonna happen!" To which I replied, "Oh, I beg to differ. You underestimate the power of our God dear one! He can make it snow and I'm gonna ask Him too! He is bigger than the weather man! And you know what, when you see those flakes falling down, you will be reminded that God washes us whiter than Snow White!" Well they all laughed, called me cheesy for like the hundredth time, and then we left. I went home to find that is was snowing in Austin via facebook. Where was my snow? The next day (yesterday) it was still cold and rainy but no snow. And it was a bad day for me. Working in the ministry can get hard at times. So I decided that instead of grumbling, I would send out my prayer update regarding YL to my prayer warrior team. I typed it asking for financial help, encouragement, support and that I would see God working in these kids lives b/c they only seemed to be back tracking. After sending it out I headed to the gym to "release some bees!" (Thats what I call it when I need to work out some frustration on the tread-mill with my praise music. Too long of a story, but it's something that I had a vision about and stole from the old movie, The Green Mile. Yes, I am a freak!) :) Anyways, I was really down as I was "releasing my bees" :) and was just telling the Lord how I wanted Him to take me home. No, I didn't want to kill myself! I mean, I was longing for my real home, my heavenly home, my Kingdom! This world is not our home! Well by the time that I made it home, it began to snow...really snow! I was estatic! You can bet that the first thing I did was text my Bible Study girls and remind them of the good and Mighty God that we serve! They were thrilled and awe-struck! One even text me back, "I want God to be my BF! Look at all the cool things that He does! And I wouldn't have known how cool He was if it weren't for you and YL, Corrie, so thank you!" I was so blessed! Snowing and that all at the same moment! Well, play, behold and enjoy the snow I did! Until I had to head off to teach another Bible Study with YL that night. But it was a magical lesson as the snow fell and God taught us about His Christmas Story. I shared with them the symbolism of the candy cane and one girl replied, "That is why I couldn't draw one in my english class today. We were writing out cards in english today to our troops and I drew a candy cane and my teacher said that I couldn't b/c it represented a J for Jesus!" I was appalled! How sad is our world! Well, at least it couldn't stop me from teaching some High School kids about the REAL meaning of Christmas last night! How I praise God for our freedom of religion! And I even got to end the night with a brief touch on Psalm 51 and how God made David clean, as white as snow! The kids were touched and then we were all off to play in the snow! The girls house we were at lives on a golf course so the sight was spectacular! I'll post some more pictures later but here are 3 of my YL kids from last night for now. I then got in my car to head home last night (which was covered in snow!) only to find 3 messages from random people wanting to support me financially in YL! "WHAT?!! Are you for real, God?" To which I heard Him reply in my spirit, "Well, yes I am child. Earlier today you were reminded that this world is not your home so don't get too cozy here. However, you are still needed here so I will bless you to carry on." Hallelujah!!!!! Snow, financial support, and encouragement that God is making a difference in my YL kids lives all in one day! And I sit here typing this morning while my cup is overflowing and the snow is melting off of my roof! IT SNOWED!!! And God is so good to hear our cries! Oh praise the Lord!!!! Thank you, Jesus! Amen! :)


Manda said...

God is good!

Mommy Dot Com said...

You are so precious and I am so glad to stumble across your blog. I love YL. I went to Pioneer Plunge when I was in high school back in the summer 1992. I've always wanted to take my girls.

Loved your story about the snow and God's faithfulness. When one part of the body rejoices, we all rejoice.

Thanks for caring about those kids. How it pleases the heart of the Father.

May He pour out His Spirit on those children. In Jesus Name!