Friday, March 6, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Welcome Spring...I love you so! It truly is the most beautiful time of year here in Texas in Spring! However, I can only enjoy it limitedly due to the fact that I am an allergy geek and my allergies are in high alert in Spring. But I love the...bluebonnets, warm sun shining yet cool breezy nights, fresh flowers that begin popping up all around, new birth, the season of Lent, yellow butterflies which begin to re-appear, and marshmallow peeps! :) Happy Spring friends!
P.S. So my spiritual disciplines have already been tested today. I awoke this morning at 9:45 to my exterminator standing over my bed. Hello! Not only was it extremely embarrassing b/c I'm in my pajamas, in bed, at 9:45a...but...I also graduated from High School with this guy! Ha! And I'm living in my parents backyard pool-house at 29! After hurrying and scooting my un-clothed self, my bird, and my dogs out of the house, I opened my Bible to find God speaking to me out of Proverbs 6:6-11 (about the sluggard.) I laughed so hard! God truly does have a sense of humor. I felt no condemnation either. Just truth and I laughed. I did however have time to still do my QT before my day started late. Fortunately, in YL you work with High School students so due to the fact that I often have late nights with them, I can therefore excuse my late morning starts. Enjoy God today in this Spring weather! He is so much fun! :)

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