Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HE is more than enough!

So lately God has been teaching me about Him being all that we need. Again, another concept that I have already known and experienced in different ways, but that God is hammering into the depths of me right now. He brought me to PSALM 81 this past sunday morning where He reminded me that He is the Lord my God who has brought me out of Egypt, so I must open wide my mouth and let Him fill it and stop looking to other things (underlying things) that are but rubbish. For He wants to feed me with His finest of wheat, with honey from the rock He wants to satisfy me! Yes, He brings honey from a rock! You see, there are two particular strongholds in my life that I have yet to be fully freed from. And these verses speak straight to that need. I am in need of feasting on my Jesus for only He can fill me! As Jeremiah 2 speaks of, stop digging your own broken cisterns that cannot hold water and instead drink of the Living Water daily! For He is my Bride Groom whom has rescued me already to live for Him! For the sake of possibly helping my 2 whole readers out there :), I will be as bold to tell you that the 2 strongholds that I have battled for some time now and feel that are coming to an end finally (for God will set me free!) are: looking to food to fill my rejection wound, or building a fortress from people to protect me from my rejection wound. Yes, I suffer from a deep wound of rejection! There, I said it! I was completely vulnerable and don't care so as long as my struggles could possibly help someone else. Do you have a rejection wound too? :) Anyways, I am on the uphill battle with these right now and that is good, but then again, Satan now is trying to unleash his big guns so this captive will not be free. It is a battle in my life and prayer is greatly appreciated, but a battle with a victorious ending, I know. You see, I am not rejected, but rather accepted by my beloved! So I need not reject Him any longer and look to other idols to protect me and fill me. He alone is enough...More than enough! I may be being tested right now, BUT GOD, will rescue me...I need but listen to Him! Go and read Psalm 81 today. It is worth it! Oh how He longs to feed us with His finest, we need but come with an open heart, forsake the lesser for the more of Him, and partake. Our Bride Groom is waiting to dine with His bride, whom He has chosen and will never reject!


Gina said...

I have seen a breakthrough MYSELF of this becoming a reality in your life. I love you, Corrie.

Ryan Adams said...

thanks for sharing, and being open and being vulnerable.