Friday, August 8, 2008

My new baby!

So I got Linus a wife yesterday...well, right now she is just a baby. Meet my new baby...Lucy! She is a tiny, precious, 9 week old maltese...and in time...the mother of Linus' pups! :) Here she is...and here are the both of them! Linus looks so big here but he really only weighs 5lbs and is a full grown 1 1/2 year old! Therefore, Lucy is smaller than you can tell. I think she weighs like an ounce...or at least feels like it....I don't know yet. I have my hands full now but God worked the whole thing out and my babies love each other already! Will post more later. Yay! :)


Kim Smith said...

Sooooooooooooo precious!! I want to hold! Cute, cute, cute!!!

Gina said...

Lucy only weighs AN OUNCE!? Oh my goodness. They are both precious. I saw today you can get dog strollers? Did you know that? Love you too.

Denese said...

Corrie - they are so cute & I can just smell Lucy's puppy breath (in case Meg never divulged my secret I love the breath of puppy's before they start eating DOG food). She is so petite and a little lady! Luv you - Denese aka Meg's Mama Mia