Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas time is here!

If only I had a digital camera in order to share my joy with you, but I don't. So I will let you in on one of the greatest joys in my life...when the red cups come in at starbucks for christmas time...and they're here...yay!!! :) They're just now getting them in so they're trying to use up all the white ones first. But go ahead and ask for one, or just revel in my joy by simply seeing them at the bottom of the white cup pile like I did! Ha! I have yet to taste the goodness of coffee out of them yet, but when I do, I will be as happy to drink a cup as I was at the first normal coffee place that we came upon in Israel last year in this pic! :) P.S. My car is currently only playing Shane and Shane's new Christmas CD and my IPOD while working out is only playing Travis Cottrell's new Christmas CD, and my computer during my quiet time is only playing Christmas piano hymns. It's not even I have a problem? I'll tell you this much...I will not get sick of them even when that is all KSBJ plays.... :)
UPDATE: I got one tonight and my man had a camera...yay! :)

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