Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Have you ever noticed just how enticed we are by labels? If you buy the can or box that says fat free or sugar free, then surely it's guilt-free, right? Or the toothpaste that ensures extra whitening will just in fact make your pearly whites even that more white. Labels draw us in and then we tend to define ourselves by them. I am reminded of the Seinfeld episode where they were eating fat free yogurt and felt so good about themselves, only to later discover that they were packing on the pounds from it. It's a funny one. But that is so us. What people say about us, what we think about ourselves, what lies the enemy throws at us, this we believe to be our reality...and then then scenario poorly plays itself out. We begin "packing on the pounds." What we thought securely defined us ends up being ripped out from underneath us and leaving us worse off than we were before. Or someone may carelessly say, "You kinda have flabby arms," and we are left only to find ourselves now in a full blown eating disorder b/c we must in fact be fat. In this current season that I find myself in I am realizing just how much I have allowed people and lies to define me. It is exhausting. It leaves you with no security when in fact, Jesus is. Just today, when I had some pretty harsh words thrown my way straight from the enemy (you know the kind that confirm all the lies you already think about yourself), I lost it. I thought, surely this must be true...this is who I am. I have cried so hard in the past 3 days that I have given myself a dang sinus infection. And talked about being kicked while I'm already down. The tears began to flow. And then a call came in. I was in a poor state, at a birthday party, and so didn't want to answer but thought that I should. I am glad that I did b/c it was truth that I needed to hear at the moment and I found some hope. Thank you, Tucker! :) As I hung up the phone I found the strength I needed to remind myself that all of us humans are messed up and therefore no-one can define anyone. Then I quickly was reminded just in fact Who I am in Christ. That's what defines us friends! We were bought at a price and His blood defines me. Through it, I/we are: Redeemed, Loved, Sanctified, made whole, made new, cherished, the apple of His eye, pure, etc., etc. Declare those truths and rest in them when the lies tend to be overwhelming! And don't sin through un-belief. With all that said, I'm off now to enjoy my last quiet moments of Christmas. All my family is gone (which is rare.) They are still out at my niece's 5th birthday party (of which I slipped out a bit early b/c as you an tell, I was in no party mood.) Currently I am here sipping some hot tea alone, by the fire, with the Christmas tree lights on, a puppy asleep on my lap, and some peace and quiet with my Savior. Happy New Year bloggy friends! May it be better for us all! I'm in need of a better decade! :) And wear your label as His Redeemed, heiress, child proud! And as another friend reminded me this week, "What if Christ had not come?" Yes, this world is hard...but what if the bible ended in Malachi? Jesus is our hope!!!!

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