Monday, November 1, 2010

My Halloween

I started off the day yesterday like i do everyday, walking my dogs when we all first wake up. And lo and behold I discovered the most glorious sight ever...tons of hot air balloons were launching right behind my apartment complex and flying directly over my house. So cool! After admiring that a bit, I began getting ready to head to the zoo with Steven. We were seeing about possibly having our wedding reception there but that was a no go. :( Too bad b/c it would have been beautiful! And also one of my favorite places ever! :) However, we found another awesome place and we got a free trip out of the zoo from it and that was fun! It was a pretty day and the animals were just a showing off for us! Afterwards, we found a hotel for our honeymoon night, did church, and then just relaxed for a bit. Later that night we went to my parent's house (where everyone was dressed up) and celebrated with all of the kids and tons of food! It was a good day! Steven and I were dressed as honeymooners in Hawaii! :) Last week I was batman (taken from our YL skit closet) :) for our YL Halloween club and one of my YL kids was me...ha. It was fun! I also dressed up as a fireman for Steven the night that we carved pumpkins. What can I say...I don't necessary like Halloween, but I love fall and all it has to offer! :) Sorry so scattered (but that is me!) :) Enjoy the pics! I'm off to our YL annual Banquet tonight! Pray it goes amazing please!

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