Monday, August 20, 2012

Lillie at 5 months old!

My little Lillie is officially 5 months old today! You're slowly starting to change a little bit every month! At 5 months you love... * to sleep only in your crib still * playing in your bouncers * Mickey Mouse clubhouse and doing the hot dog dance * your bath times and cuddle time after * stroller rides outside with Mom * being in your baby bjorn * being outside * sucking on either your fingers, thumb or bottom lip * sitting in your bumbo and watching me eat (really) You are discovering so many things! You have finally realized that we have dogs and you love them...esp. Lucy b/c she likes you best. You are too little for your high chair but will have to start getting used to it when you start eating food NEXT MONTH (oh my!) You love other people (but only when mommy is holding you...haha.) Potential problem. Shout out to Megan as our sweet friend just moved! :( You make the funniest and most expressive faces and constantly keep me laughing and in a state of worship with our Father! You are still a great sleeper and Daddy and I are so grateful for such an "easy" baby! You have no desire to crawl yet. But you are full of smiles all day long! Lillie Joy, you are my little diva and Daddy and I love you to pieces little monkey! :) Time has gone by too fast already...

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