Monday, June 14, 2010


I went away on Saturday for a nice day on Lake Livingston with Steven and his family. I got to do one of my favorite things which is to swim and ride jet skiis! :) I returned home, however, to a boiling hot apartment and a broken AC. I therefore decided to pack up my dogs and we headed to my parents (at midnight no less) so that we could actually sleep and not sweat to death. I proceeded to start my car and come to find wouldn't start. 3x and no luck! A few days ago I heard it making a noise when I was trying to start it and I was with my boss, Haddad at the time. He said I should hope that it was just a battery problem b/c that would be the cheapest solution. So upon his advice, I headed to Advanced Auto Parts and they tested my battery and it was bad. I had no money to pay for a new one and no warranty on it; However, by the grace of God, and my charm :), they replaced it for free. I was happy! But now a day later (and with a new battery), and my car wouldn't start. Aaahhh! After a few tries it finally started, but it sounded like it was dying. I drove straight home and fell right asleep on my parents couch with Linus & Lucy. The next day (Sunday) I remembered that they were re-bombing my apt for the fleas (on Monday) and I had to have all of my animals cleared out of there. My dad suggested I no longer drive my car and no auto stores are open on Sunday's so I borrowed his and headed to round up my bird, Woodstock, and my cat, Sally. I survived the heat, got them all packed up, then headed back to my parents. I had nothing to do there and I hate being bored! The next day (today) my dad took me to drop my car off to find out what was wrong with it. It was the starter and it's going to cost over $400! Hello! They also suggested that I get a tune-up, new fan belt, etc. b/c my car is old, over 112,000 miles and in need of it. That extra bit would cost me $900. Um, no. After finding that out I checked the Kelly Blue Book Value (great tool) on my car. If someone paid me the minimal amount for it, I could get over $6,000 for it. Any one in desire for a 2003 Xterra? :) I'm not one to have a fancy car, but in order to save money on future repairs (since it finally decided to start breaking baby's been good to me thus far), I thought...maybe I should trade it in and get a new car? But could I make the payments now that all my money is in my apt.? I'm unsure. While pondering that I headed to my apt to find that they were finally fixing the ac. Praise God! But how am I going to pay for my new starter? I'm gonna have to break into my savings. Bummer! Now, just 30 minutes ago they called to tell me that my car was ready but they close at 6. It was 6. I had no time to get the $, find a ride, and get there. Not to mention that the flea bombers just decided to do my apt and I have to wait at least 4 hrs to re-enter it. Looks like this car-less, gas filled apt. girl has to sleep on her parent's couch for a 3rd night in a row now. And they are starting to stress me. I no longer have a pool house to escape too. It is now bare. It is now the 4th day in a row now that I have not gone to bed before 1 am yet woke up before 7...and on a restless night. I am tired, I've somehow gained 3 lbs, my $ is being sucked dry, my car is falling apart, my "luxury" apt. is turning out to not be so "luxury," and running Yl in the area while my boss is on Sabbatical is hard. Needless to say, I am venting and I'm so frustrated! I just want to see the favor of God! As my last post stated, although I know that God is not like that, I feel like I'm being picked on so bad by God. However, He again reminded me, in so many ways, that I am not picked on but picked out by God, and He is with me in my "prison," just as He was Joseph. I just hope to see His hand in all this soon. Forgive my whining! I know it could be worse. I am grateful that I even have a car, have $ in savings, and am alive. After all, this world is not our home. I can't cozy up to it. Only God. I will be in Paradise soon enough! If you think about it, you can pray for me bloggy friends....or send me $...ha. :) At least I have internet here...ha, ha.

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parks said...

i love you corrie cline. and we have a super duper comfy couch with your name on it WHENEVER you need it. wilson will be locked up (just had his special surgery) so your pups, cat and bird can stay here. i'm not kidding. i love you.