Monday, June 7, 2010

He's Faithful amiss the chaos

Well, I survived my 1st week in my new place. Forgive my last post please. I was a little grumbly. ☺ But I am better now. Besides all those irritations, I was frustrated with some other things around me as well. However, God has been re-affirming to me that living for the Kingdom will be complicated, but He is faithful! I was just re-encouraged of that through my pastor’s message on Joseph at church yesterday. Amen! I am happy to be here and now see God’s hand in it. The minor irritations are becoming less of a pain and I am sensing more freedom with Jesus here so praise God for that! However, I will say that as I write now I have a handful of “workmen” on my private patio beating so loudly that things are falling off of my wall…ha. They decided to “up-do” all of our balconies the moment that I decided to move in. Let’s just say that it’s been a challenge. I truly can’t help but laugh. It sounds like an earthquake in here! My dogs are so terrified that they aren’t even barking. ☺ Anyways, on a better note, the best thing about this apartment is that I have what they call a “Chef’s Kitchen” and I love it. It’s big for an apt. and now I am able to put out all the appliances that have laid dusty on a corner shelf of my pool house for years. For example, at this moment I am sipping a free but oh so delightful cappuccino from my 10 yr old espresso machine from Starbucks.

Delightful! As I said before, I am enjoying all of my new found freedoms now here. A huge one being with my family. Although I love my family dearly, upon moving out I shared with Steven how hurt I was that my family was not supportive nor helpful. To which he said, “Corrie, I think moving out will help yalls relationship so much. Right now you expect things that they can’t give you and b/c you live here you are constantly disappointed. But once you move out, the expectations won’t be there as much and you can just love them for who they are.” There is a lot more complications too personal to go into than that, but that made sense. And I can say that he was right. I went home last night (I try to about 2x a week to walk my old dog, Pooka, to water my garden and pick some veggies, and to let Linus, Lucy and myself visit) and while there I had a normal encounter with them, but one that didn’t rattle me to the core this time. I left and came home weeping, yet full of insight and love for them. It was a nice discovery and one I never had while living in their back yard. I do so hope for more freedom in this area! I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for me….See the fruit from my garden! And I also had to include the love bird lizards and Abi and Alexis after their ballet recitals! :)

Before I sign off I have to give a shout out to my baby girl, Lucy. See pic below! ☺ Lucy, your 2nd birthday was 4 days ago but I couldn’t write you b/c getting on the internet is a big deal now that I no longer have free, accessible wifi. ☺ But still, I wanted to tell you, “Happy Birthday, my sweet angel!” I can’t believe that you are already 2! As well as Linus, you are a gift with no regrets. Although you are only 1lb less than Linus, you look so much tinier. You are so petite and cute. For being the same breed, you are definitely both very different. Lucy, you are quiter (except at night), you are a big cuddler, you are more independent, you are playful when you want to be, you actually like playing with other dogs, you like to chase cars, and you hate getting your nails trimmed. You are my little, cuddly, yet moody ball of cuteness and I love you! I am so happy that you are mine little girl! And although Linus took awhile to get used to you, he actually loves having you around now! So does Sally since she can get away with biting you and not the alpha male, Linus. I love you, precious!

Well YL camping season is in bloom and I’m off to tackle all those tasks at hand. Stop by for a cappuccino some time bloggy friends! ☺ It’s homey in my eclectic place. See, Linus and Steven enjoy it! ☺ Love you!


Gina said...

Your lizards are love birds too?! I cracked up when I saw that picture.

I love you COrrie!

Megan said...

Can't wait to come see the new place!! Love you!

parks said...

hi doll! cannot wait to see (and use alongside you) your kitchen in action. dinner with our boys soon!! xoxo i'm so glad it's starting to feel like home. love you!