Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hope is on the way...

Once a week my pastor sends out an e-mail to us members informing us on what he will be talking about that Sunday. We have been in the book of Genesis for some time now and I love it! As I've said in my past few posts, recently we have been studying Joseph and it has been speaking to me in my current crappy season. I have felt less "picked on" by God as I study Joseph's life. However, as my circumstances continue to crumble, I still haven't seen much hope. But today, my pastor said the following in his e-mail...

"Joseph stood strong when faced with temptation from his master's wife. Based on her accusations alone, Joseph was thrown into jail. No trial. No jury. No opportunity to share his side of the story.

Maybe you've found yourself in a situation similar to Joseph's. It may not have involved sexual temptation or false accusations, but you ended up down-and-out just the same. For some reason, you lost favor in the eyes of those around you. You were cast aside or passed over for no good reason.

This Sunday, as this complicated story continues, we'll see a case of divine intervention and redemption as Joseph rises from the pit to a place of honor and respect. His story is evidence of God's desire to restore us as only He can, and of His faithfulness to do so. Do you trust that He can do the same for you?"

Hello...What a word! Praise You, Lord! I pray restoration is on it's way for me! God is good! I trust God!!! Do you?

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parks said...

i read a section in a book i'm currently reading that i HAVE to share with you. i'll call you soon to read it to you! wow! its about your namesake, corrie ten boom. i love you! hope things are looking up. xoxo