Thursday, July 3, 2008

Reality check

Well, I was off work, which I hate, for the whole month of June and was off serving kids in Africa and Colorado, which I love! What a blessed month that it was! I sit here now, overwhelmed by what the world has to offer. I was shielded by God's glory this past month and it was magnificent! Now I am back to reality and I hate it! In fact, I just got done telling a friend that I was gone so long in another country, and then on a mountain, that when I got home I went to eat a tomato and my family threw it out of my hand! "What's wrong with a tomato?", I yelled...for crying out loud! I wasn't even aware of our tomato issues back home. How shielded I was! And now I sit here pondering the holiday we will be celebrating tomorrow....our nation's freedom. Happy Freedom 4th by the way! It makes me think that "Whom the Son sets free, is FREE INDEED!" I may be back to reality, but I got the priveledge of watching some freedoms take place in kids lives this past month and I will rejoice in it, and my own, tomorrow and the rest of my time "off the mountain." May you too! Attached are some pics from my last trip with my Young life kids in Colorado! Amazing! Enjoy!

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