Monday, July 14, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

No, I am not gonna break out in song!... :)

* Sparklers
* Twinkle Christmas lights
* Christmas time
* Fall leaves in New England
* When a YL kid abandons all to Jesus
* Frontier Ranch in Colorado
* Africa!!!
* monkeys
* butterflies
* lightening bugs/fireflies
* flowers and gardens
* HFBC and my sweet loved ones there who teach me
* Beth Moore Bible Studies and Mary Ann Bridgwater's prayer times and talking to Audra
* Sushi and green tea ice cream
* a big bowl of pasta
* puppies
* Linus
* the smell of downy in my sheets and after a birthday candle is blown out
* the peace and quiet of the sunset and nature at dusk
* a good tan at the beach
* A walk in the woods in Wyoming
* a good cup of coffee on a slow, cold day
* Bubbles
* shooting stars
* riding a 4-wheeler
* Hearing a baby laugh
* popcorn and a good movie
* My spongebob! :)
* When Hanna and I laugh together
* When Amanda isn't so busy
* Playing with my neices and nephew, Alexis, YL friends, Lindsay, Aimee and Kristen
* Not being able to put a good book down

and only one more so as not to bore you...

* Having a great time in the Holy of Holies with Jesus!


theBirkenfelds said...

My favorite is sharing sushi and green tea ice cream with you! Do you still have your shirt? Lol.

Corrie's Blog said...

Me too...yay! Yes and I frequently wear it! :) We need to again soon...however, not in College Station. We shall meet in Houston! :)

Ryan Adams said...

thanks for the shout-out.

- your spongebob

Manda said...

My favorite thing is not being busy either! we gotta find some time to get coffee we have mucho to talk about! love ya