Saturday, July 26, 2008

Be careful what you pray for

So after childhood diminishes and all the fun generational strongholds set in, I learned how not to cry. Stuff down the feelings, laugh them away, build a wall, be know. I have struggled with being kinda non-emotional for awhile now, and yet that is not how God created me to be. So my prayer has been for God to break down my walls, and allow me to feel again. Well, as one of my older posts, against all odds stated....all my life I have felt like the "underdog." Well, as my previous post stated, my niece, Abi spent the night with me last-night. We had so much fun! We swam, ate dinner, did puzzles, and then watched the movie, Racing Stripes. That movie was like another Rocky movie to me. Against all odds, the underdog, Stripes the zebra, wins! Well I found myself crying at the end. "Come on, Jesus...are you for real?" "Well, yes, I am child. I'm giving you what you asked for...and something that you clearly needed." "Ok. You're right. Thank you!" So there you have it. I cried when Stripes won the race! Ha! :) But I am actually happy! My walls are coming tumbling down! Let it be so, Lord! And I will praise my way through! Ok, I'm off to go make Abi some waffles (whole grain only of course :))and then drop her off at home. I will end with Abi sending you a little greeting...Abi wanted me to write, "Linus" on here. Her and linus love each other! :) Bye!


Ryan Adams said...

i love the last two post and i love you.

i'm so glad I have an amazing girl like you in my life....

Tammie said...

Can I just say this is absolutely freaky because THIS subject is EXACTLY what I am writing about? I wrote about it while I was in the mountains!

Thank you Lord for those tears!

I love you so much ♥