Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hide & Seek

I have felt so many breakthrough's in my life lately and have finally been moving forward...praise Jesus! It has been so of God and so glorious! However, last week I felt pretty attacked and a draw pulling me back to things. It was rough. On top of that, I was pretty busy and didn't have much time with Jesus. Red flag! So on thursday night I decided that I was going to fast on friday. I didn't really know what for just then, just felt that I needed too. I awoke on Friday, fasting and crying out to God in prayer for some help. I then headed to meet with a wonderful mentor and counselor that God has placed in my life. She is a gifted woman of God, full of His Spirit and wisdom. During our time together God gave her a picture of me as a little girl and revealed to her and I some things that I needed some healing from. We prayed through it and it was such a sweet time. You can think this sounds crazy, I don't care. Take it up with God. :) But I found answers to questions that I had been asking and I left my time with her feeling free-er. I felt God whisper into my heart, "this can only come out by prayer and fasting, my child." fasting made sense now. His word is so true!!! :)

After that I headed to meet my good friend, Kristen for coffee. She spoke truth and encouragement into my life, and we spurred one another on towards love and good deeds. I was so grateful when I left...for Jesus, for mentors, for Godly friends...which we all need! I headed home with a picture on my mind. I raced to see if I had a blank canvas at home and I did! Listen, I am no gifted artist. But every once in awhile I feel an itch to either worship the Lord through art or writing and so I do. I feel compelled too. See pic below. It is no prize but I know that it delights my Lord! :) And there you have the picture of my bird! I painted that in 30 minutes. So as you can see, it's not perfected, but straight from Him to me. He's so good that way! And I feel I should share it with you too. Here's why...

If my vulnerability and stupidity can help anyone, so be it. You see, before church today I balled for the grief in our world. "Why can't my loved ones just get You?," I cried to the Lord. And then I felt God softly and lovingly remind me, "Why can't you too, my child?" Aahh. Last night my man, Steven went to great lengths to show me his love for me...and he was so excited too. I was thrilled inside but couldn't show it. That is how I have always lived my life. I feel un-worthy of extravagant ways of love shown to's un-usual to me, so I seem, sadly, un-grateful. Without going into personal detail, that happened last night. Steven had bought me my favorite flowers, written me the SWEETEST poem, etc. And I couldn't receive it...nor did I know how to handle it. But I loved it inside. So this morning, as I was praying for my loved ones to "get Jesus," that's when I felt God whisper to me, "You too. You are worthy, child." I lost it. It it the very wound my mentor and I had just addressed 2 days prior. One that I believe God released into the heavenlies that day, (hence my bird inspired painting) but was now doing so on earth, in my heart today. He is so tender! I don't know if this makes sense to you, but it makes perfect sense to me. It was at this time that I peened my poem (below) in just 4 minutes! Then I headed to church.

At church my pastor was talking on Genesis 18 & 19 and the destruction of Sodom & Gommorah. Basically, we must, un-like Lot, make our lives count for Christ. And we do so by looking to the cross. That is where our worth is found! It was a perfect completion to my weekend. Friends, different things may pull you back, just as happened to Lot's wife. But we must not let them win! As I will say 'til I die...We have the VICTORY in Jesus! Look to Him and you will soar as my bird implies! Come out of hiding and make your life count for something now! He alone is Your Hiding Place who surrounds you with songs of deliverance! He is waiting for you to come out with Him...! There's life to be lived...with Him! :)

Hide & Seek, By Corrie

"Come our of hiding, little one
It's time to come and play
I've fought off all the monsters
it's a brand new, beautiful day
the sun outside is shining
the birds are chirping too
the butterflies are flying
we're all just waiting for you
your dogs are playing chase
your bird is praising Me
your cat is chasing my robe-
as it flows ever so freely

that closet is dark and dim
you need not hide anymore
I'm coming in to get you
I'm scooping you off the floor
You are so precious to my, my child
I've longed to hold you tight
I've sought you in the shadows
I've fought for you with all my might

no need to hide anymore
Your heart is safe with me
so come out of hiding, My princess
I alone am your Hiding Place
and I have come to set you free!"


parks said...

i really truly feel like THIS is the corrie i've known is in there. the corrie that comes out when you're holding one of my babies! but now you get to be that FREE corrie ALLLLL the time! PRAISE! and you're helping so many of us find this true joy too. i love you and i'm so so so so excited for you! xoxo

Brock & Megs Birkenfeld said...

Corrie, you are such a blessing to my life!

Thank you for being open, transparent, and letting the Lord shine through you. You are already taking the first steps of obedience by confessing your dark places and having others come along side you to support and pray for you.

Your poem and your painting are beautiful!

I loved our time together.. you better be planning a day when you and your man can come visit!! :) Can't wait to meet this guy who makes you so head over heels!

Anonymous said...

Isn't He so tenderly persistent in pursuing us and seeking us out of our hiding places? He really means it when He says, "I have come to seek and save..." and this includes even those of us that He has already "found" or "saved" but who still try to hide at times. I praise Him with you for the breakthroughs.


Corrie's Blog said...

You guys' encouraging words mean so much to me...thank you!!!! :) I love all of you!

Gina said...

this is just beautiful. i'm thankful for your freedom, it must feel SO GOOD!