Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Israelites

As I journey onwards in freedom, I am realizing that Satan is still wanting to destroy me and, as previously blogged, I must stay attached, through trust, to our/my Saving God! However, yesterday I journeyed close back to Egypt. Like the Israelites, I am wondering through the desert, with my Promised land in sight. I am happy to be freed, to have seen my enemies wash away in the parting of my own Red Sea. However, yesterday I started to grumble. Unbeknowest to me (as to what exactly was going on in my heart), I began, like the Israelites, to grumble in the desert. I longed for what I had while in slavery in Egypt and I caved in to it. Why do we do that? That is the question that I asked myself this morning in my QT. And the answer that I found...because it is comfortable, secure. Yuck! What a false security though...what a bondage! I don't want to go back to my Egypt! I no longer want to be enslaved! I yearn for my Promised Land! I have no clue where God is taking me right now. As I journey by faith He is causing this un-risk taker to make many risks, blindly. I already took one. And this morning I feel Him calling me to take another. There is no security in them. Perhaps that is why I am yearning for Egypt again...b/c it is "secure," comfortable. But that's the thing...I know that it wasn't secure. Only Christ is! I must see things through His perspective now as I walk this road of faith alone. For again, IT'S NOT ABOUT ME...IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM!!! He has a right to rule and His rule is right! As my Tiegreen devotional said this morning, God, "may we/I undergo a radical change of perspective so that we may become a true worshiper of You! Awaken us to delight in Your praise!" I hated what I had in Egypt, as comfortable as it was. And God in His grace and mercy and love freed me! Praise His Name! Yet now, as I walk through the desert blindly, I must not forget all His benefits! I must not grumble. For He will lift this pillar of cloud and tell me where and when to move in His time. Just as He did the Israelites. I just simply must trust and obey. As Psalm 34 states, "no-one will be condemned who takes refuge in you!" I seek refuge, security in You alone, Lord! It may not be comfortable, but there is freedom and purpose! I am ready, Lord, send me....

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