Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So I took my YL kids tonight to see that movie that I blogged about the other day (To Save a Life.) A lot of kids showed up and it was amazing! They loved it and were touched, as I was again...praise the Lord! While watching it I couldn't help but smile at some parts...the parts that everyone else would tear up at. The first time that I saw it, I teared up too. But this time I knew the ending so I wasn't sad. And it got me thinking...isn't that just like God with us? He knows the big picture. When our tears fall, I know that He cries with us (ex. Lazarus); However, He knows the ending so perhaps He even smiles sometimes too when He holds us. That gave me perspective. The other day I was talking to my bestie, Hanna on the phone and she was sharing a story with me about her youngest son, Luke. She said, "Corinna, I was bathing Luke last night and while the water was running he would scoop it up in this cup and pour it on his head. He was so content and kept doing it. But our old farmhouse has poor plumbing so when I realized that the water instantly turned to scolding for a bit, I grabbed the cup from him. He of course threw a fit so I thought that I'd let him pour it on himself once so he'd learn and stop crying. I did, he cried, and so I took the cup from him again. Again, Luke cried for the cup. So one more time I let him have it, only to have him pour hot water on himself again and have him end up crying. Finally I took the cup away for good so he would not burn himself to death and he cried the rest of the bath. At that moment I thought, 'how often do we beg God for things that He knows aren't good for us, and He lets us have them, we get hurt, but we still want them. Then eventually he rips them away for our own good?'" Wow! Such a teachable moment from my friend. Isn't that so true? It's like my precious namesake, Corrie Ten Boom, once said..."Our life is like a cross stitch pattern. We only see the back and all the threads going every which way, with no rhyme or reason. But God see the front and knows what the glorious pattern will turn out to be!" (paraphrase.) Today, after I blogged about strength and transformation, my good friend Tucker text me and said, "Corrie, I just read your blog. Looks like you are already on top of the mountain." To which I replied, "I wish." And then, through a chain of events, it hit me...I felt FREE! Could this be real?!?! God is so good at working things out! I'm sure I will be immediately tested tomorrow. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I want these truth and revelations to be made REAL in me...and that's how He is doing it! But for now...for now I feel FREE...FINALLY!!! Oh praise the Name of Jesus! He knows what I need and really want! And now that I am not just thinking about myself, I see the bigger picture. He is working all for the good! "The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything that I need. I shall not be in want!" Psalm 23:1. Now that's some perspective folks! :)

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