Sunday, January 17, 2010

So long 20's...

Well, it's official...I turned 30 today! Yikes! :( I awoke this morning to that reality and my first devotional was about how Satan wants to steal our dreams...our dreams as women of: bearing fruit and children, of having a spouse and family, etc. I had to laugh! So far that loser has succeeded. Poop! HOWEVER, as the devo later stated, the enemy may have been standing on my God-given ground these past few years-daring me to possess it. And I may have been cowering to him. BUT I know that I will possess it this year!!! I will...I just know it! I may be in another decade and satan may still be taunting me, BUT...I WILL get my God-given ground this year...I just know it! Let it be so, Father! I can't control that I am getting older. Just like I can't control the season that I find myself in now, the losses I'm encountering, the lies I'm battling, the strongholds I'm getting freed from, etc. I was reminded of that by someone close to me this morning. :( However, YOU, God, are my Rock! This year...

My soul will find rest in You alone-Psalm 62:1&2! And you will make me like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God, trusting in Your unfailing love forever-Psalm 52:8! You will be my shield, my glory, and the lifter of my head-Psalm 3:3! You will be pleased to present me this year-Galatians 1:15&16! I will be fruitful this year, to Your delight! My Psalm 17 cry will be answered! Just as you stood firm in Whose You were in Luke 20, so I will...even when mocked! This year I will fear You alone-Psalm 86:11! I request wisdom, I will revere You, and I will receive Godly counsel so that I will have wisdom and walk in truth, no longer lies, insecurities & feelings! It has already been accomplished on the cross! Amen!

I was pretty bummed this morning so I asked God for a special touch of His love. I had finished my QT and saw this little "coffee table" book sitting there. It's called, His Princess Bride, with a little word for each day. I picked it up and whispered a little prayer that God would speak to me through it. I just opened to a random page and the starting line was from my life verse-Psalm 23. It was Psalm 23:4 and this is what followed:

"My Princess, I will never leave you. I know you live in a world where many relationships come to a bitter end, My love. But I am not a man; I am your Lord and your Prince. I will never leave you or forsake you, my beloved Bride. As long as you walk with Me, you will never walk alone. I am with you wherever you are, and I will never abandon you. If you ever doubt I am here, just ask Me and I will reveal Myself to you in a very special way. I will do whatever it takes to prove My faithfulness to you. You can trust your heart in my care. I will not let you down as long as you look up.
Your Prince who will always be yours."

Wow! Did He ever answer! Praise You, Lord! I may be older, I may be in un-controllable circumstances, I may feel all alone, BUT...I have the God who loves me more than anyone in my life...and His love alone is good, un-failing, un-conditional, forever. Thank you, God! I have the greatest gift of all! This will be a good year!

P.S. Zooey Deschanel, (Jovie, from one of my favorite movies, Elf), also turned 30 today too!!!! :)

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parks said...

happy happy birthday, sweet corrie cline. welcome to the world of thirties... its not so bad afterall! :o) i love you.